Past Research Programs

The School of Energy Resources directs and funds cutting-edge energy research and technology development. A summary of past research programs highlights completed research programming.

Advanced Conversion Technologies and Clean Coal Research

The Advanced Conversion Technologies and Clean Coal Research Program was created to stimulate research and development in the area of low-emissions and advanced coal technologies.

In-Situ Recovery of Uranium

The In-Situ Recovery of Uranium program focused on optimizing the economic recovery or uranium through ground water restoration and research on waste water management.

Minerals Value Added Products Facility Study

The Minerals to Value Added Products Facility study reflected the Advanced Conversion Technologies research to include conversion of other minerals besides coal into value-added fuels and projects.

Rare Earth Elements

The Rare Earth Elements research focused on these areas:

  • Characterization, quantification and production of rate earth element supplies from "unconventional" sources in sustainable quantities.
  • Identification of novel processes to refine, concentrate, convert, and purify "conventional," or mined, rare earth deposits known to exist in sustainable quantities in Wyoming.
  • Use and application of rate earth element resources mined and processed in industrial applications and functional products that could seed new industry and manufacturing in Wyoming.

Center for Photoconversion and Catalysis

The Center for Photoconversion and Catalysis worked to promote and support photoconversion and catalysis research at the University of Wyoming as well as to create and support educational opportunities with renewable energy-related content. 

Wind Rights in Wyoming

The School of Energy Resources supplied the research funding and assisted in coordinating the communications and directives from the Wyoming Task Force on Wind Energy of the Wyoming Legislature to the University of Wyoming College of Law researchers to address defining wind rights in Wyoming.

Wyoming Restoration and Reclamation Center

The School of Energy Resources supplied the research funding for the Wyoming Restoration and Reclamation Center. The Wyoming Reclamation and Restoration Center (WRRC) helps to maintain and protect Wyoming’s land, air, water and wildlife by promoting restoration of the complex components and functions of disturbed ecosystems.

Center for Flow Through Porous Media

A success story of SER's directive to fund innovative research Center's of Excellence, the Center of Innovation for Flow Through Porous Media (COIFPM) began as a funded program under the School of Energy Resources. As the Center has grown in scale and success, it has moved out from under SER's umbrella and is now a self-sufficient research center housed in the High Bay Research Facility (HBRF) of the University of Wyoming.

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