Stable Isotope Facility

University of Wyoming

Stable Isotope Facility Delta V Scheduling and Use Policy

The new Delta V isotope ratio mass spectrometer at SIF is available for use by qualified University of Wyoming researchers.  Two preparation devices are attached to the Delta V:  the TC/EA and the GC-combustion/pyrolysis (GC-C) systems.  The following policies will govern the scheduling and use of the Delta V and the two attached preparation devices.

General Scheduling of the Instrument

All researchers must contact Chandelle Macdonald in order to schedule time for any analysis on the instrument.  Chandelle will be responsible for allotting the correct amount of instrument time for each request. In the event that a researcher requires more time than assigned, that researcher will need to contact Chandelle for approval of possible adjustments to the instrument schedule. 

Scheduling: TC/EA-IRMS

SIF has reserved the TC/EA-IRMS for one week every month.  Researchers who have samples for TC/EA-IRMS analysis need to contact Chandelle about running their samples during this scheduled week. On occasion, SIF may require more than one week per month for TC/EA analysis.  When this occurs, Chandelle will inform any researcher whose pre-scheduled time conflicts with the TC/EA needs of SIF and a new schedule will be generated.

Scheduling: GC-C-IRMS

Researchers will be limited to a maximum of four continuous weeks for GC-C-IRMS method development and sample analysis.  On rare occasions, researchers may require more than four continuous weeks of instrument time. If this occurs, that researcher will need to contact Chandelle to make arrangements for any possible adjustments to the instrument schedule.  Note:  SIF will attempt to accommodate requests for additional instrument time, but due to the possibility of scheduling conflicts, it may not be possible to allow a researcher more than the allotted three weeks of instrument time.

Expectations: GC-C-IRMS

The Delta V is a very complex and technically challenging instrument that requires a huge time commitment from users for method development and the analysis of samples.  The Stable Isotope Facility assumes and expects that researchers who reserve the Delta V for GC-C-IRMS compound specific isotope analysis be willing and able to spend a bulk of the reserved time continuously working on the instrument.  As a researcher, if you are not fully committed to this policy, please contact the Stable Isotope Facility about the possibility of other scheduling arrangements.

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