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SMTC PD Mission: To provide sustained, high quality, research-based responsive facilitation of science-specific professional development to K-12 science teachers and administrators in Wyoming.


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Text box reading: Students learn science best by engaging in the practices of science, in varying contexts, over time, as a learning community. It’s our job, as teachers, to facilitate this.


The Professional Development team, as in its current form, emerged as a result of decades of collaborations between the SMTC and school districts, community organizations, and other entities around the state and region.  We seek to support science education pre K-20 through collaborative endeavors that honor the expertise of all stakeholders, and are rooted in the research on science teaching and learning.




Open Enrollment Workshops


Fall 2023: K-12 and Researcher Science Knowledge Exchange

When: Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 (annual cohorts will kick off summer/fall 2024, 2025, and 2026, too!)

Where: Grand Teton National Park (fall kickoff) and Zoom (year-long follow-up)

Partners: Wyoming Anticipating Climate Transitions EPSCoR grant, Grand Teton National Park, Teton Science Schools, and the SMTC

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Ongoing: Science Performance Assessment Task Development Series

Watch our webinar recording, to the right, to learn more about the assessment resources Wyoming teachers have been developing for 2 years

Partners: Supported by a WDE Digital Learning and Virtual Education Grant; sponsored by Platte County School District #2 and the SMTC

Get Access to Resources: Instructions for accessing the repository





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map of 2017-2022 district workshops


Ongoing District Workshops

Our PD work in school districts responds to teacher and district needs. The sustained PD we do with districts continues over time and takes different forms from group to group. Our supports range from multi-day workshops, to single days, and even to several hour targeted topic workshops. While we typically work in person with teachers in their districts, we've also expanded into virtual workshops that range from multi-day to several hour sessions. We have loved working with preK-12 teachers, instructional facilitators/coaches, and administrators across Wyoming; check out our district map (above) to see where we've been.

If you're interested in having the SMTC work with your science teachers, reach out to



PD Team in Action

Fall 2022

We were honored to work with University of Wyoming's Laughlin Lab on their Global Vegetation Project. Along with graduate assistant Matt Bisk, there are now a set of standards-aligned resources for educators to connect the Global Vegetation Project into their K-12 classrooms! We're particularly excited that Data Nuggets recently published some related resources to make this work available to even more teachers around the country. Let us know if you use these resources - we'd love to hear how they work for you!

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Check out what we've been up to in our PD work over the past six years!



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