Sociology is the systematic study of the development, interaction, and behavior of organized human groups like this one here in our downtown area

Sociology Program


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The Study of People and Society

Fascinated by how human groups function?

Then a sociology degree may be for you!

Sociology is the systematic study of the development, interaction, and behavior of organized human groups. Sociological concepts, theory, and methods and provide powerful insights into the social processes that shape our lives, the problems we face, and the possibilities we can envision in contemporary society. UW's department researches and teaches social movements, social stratification, crime, religion, the evolution of social behavior, politics, globalization, immigration, and health.

A degree in Sociology prepares our students for a broad range of career options as well as graduate and professional studies. For example, some of our former students currently work in state and federal government departments/centers, find employment as research analysts, or pursue various careers in public health, Additionally, many of our graduate students move on to PhD programs and successful academic careers.

Start by investigating our three Sociology Degree programs:

  • Undergraduate Major - Begins with our Foundation Courses (Sociological Principles, Sociological Theory, and Sociological Research Methods) plus additional courses in core areas of sociology: Society and inequality; Social Organization and Processes; Social Institutions; Individual and Society; and Global Comparative Change.
  • Undergraduate Minor - Begins with Sociological Principles plus 15 additional hours of Sociology course work (9 of which must be at the 3000-level or higher).


Watch or listen to Dr. Rashawn Ray's lecture:

The Pursuit of Racial Equity in Policing: Examining the Use of Force, Accountability, and Reform


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