Staff Scholarships

Staff Scholarship Information

In 2017,  Staff Senate established a scholarship for staff employees of the University. There are three eligibility requirements for the UW Staff Scholarship. An applicant must:

  1. be a full-time classified staff employee

  2. have completed the probation period, and

  3. be enrolled in a course that is not required for their current position at UW.

Each semester the Communications Committee puts out the call for scholarship applications. Once the application period ends, the applicants are screened for eligibility. Human Resources partners with Staff Senate to confirm the employment status of the applicants, and a senator confirms the course enrollment status of the applicants.

Once the list of qualified applicants is finalized, if the number of applicants exceeds the number of scholarships available, recipients are chosen by lottery. In semesters where a lottery is used applicants who received the staff scholarship in the previous semester are excluded from the lottery. In the following semester, they will be included again.

Apply for a scholarship for Spring 2022 today! Applications close on January 14th. 



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