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Helpful Links and Sustainability Tips

Helpful Links

  • AASHE - Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

  • SCUP - Society for College & University Planning

  • PLAN - The Post-Landfill Action Network

  • Sustainability Coalition - A collaboration between UW students, staff, and faculty committed to promoting long-term social, economic, and ecological vitality through practice/culture.

  • ACRES Student Farm - Agricultural and Community Resources for Everyday Sustainability ACRES. Purpose: Develop and maintain a student-managed agricultural operation guided by the principles of economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

  • The Good Mule Project - To grow diversity, sustainability, and social justice on a global scale through local means.

  • Environment & Natural Resource Club - Promote conservation and restoration of disturbed areas. Activities include re-seeding and watershed maintenance of the High Park Fire area, groups hikes, and a nature art competition.

  • Nordic Ski Team -Offers diverse options for continuing your ski career in college and provides unique opportunities for student leadership, fundraising, volunteer activities, and community service. Each year the ski team helps to bring sustainability to the community through Trash to Treasure (T2T), an eve

Sustainability Tips

  • Recycle: Learn all about what can be recycled at the UW campus.

  • Transportation: UW is a bicycle-friendly campus. Learn about bicycle transportation from UW Transportation Services. Biking is a carbon-free mode of transportation. UW Transportation Services also has a public transportation system that can help you cut down on individual car emissions. 

  • Join a Registered Student Organization- We have a handy list of clubs that focus on or incorporate sustainability. 

  • Volunteer for a sustainability cause- Service, Leadership and Community Engagement (SLCE) has multiple opportunities for students to volunteer for sustainability projects. 

  • Zero Waste Events- Already part of a few clubs on campus? Does your club host any events? Consider making your event zero waste with our Zero Waste Event Guide.

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