Dance: BFA Dance Science

The BFA in Dance Science program is designed for students with an extensive background in dance and interest in dance science preparing them to become well-informed performers, teachers, and researchers. The programs offers:

  • Access to full dance technique curriculum

  • Upper division courses and project

Required courses for the BFA in Dance Science are listed here.

Highlights of the program include:

  • High level of dance technique training

  • Work with faculty on dance science research

  • Performance opportunities

  • Preparation for graduate studies in dance science and related fields 

Students must apply for acceptance into this program at the end of their sophomore year.  They must have a 2.5 GPA in the major and/or requirements in the concentration.  Students must complete the core requirements in Dance for a BFA degree.  In addition, they must take courses and electives outside Theatre & Dance:

  • General Psychology, Nutrition, Sports Psychology and Preventions and Care of Athletic Injuries

  • Additional upper division course work selected from departments of Kinesiology and Health, Zoology and Physiology, Family and Consumer Sciences and Psychology

  • Capstone Project: Includes independent study in research methods and a case-study project (screening follow-up with individual, review of literature, basic intervention)














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Biomechanic Research as a Teaching Tool

Studying biomechanics can help to evaluate jumping technique and supplemental training methods
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