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Transfer students from Northern Community College District (NWCCD) who have not yet earned an associate’s degree may be eligible to do so while at UW! Our Reverse Transfer program allows students to complete their associate’s degree with UW credits, and also waive lower-division general education USP requirements for their UW bachelor’s degree.


If you are interested in determining your eligibility to earn your associate’s degree based on classes you have already taken at UW and NWCCD:

  1. Write to the UW Transfer Student Success office at and indicate that you are interested in the Reverse Transfer To participate, you will need to specifically grant permission for UW and NWCCD to exchange your official transcripts. Please write this explicitly. 

  2. UWs Office of the Registrar will send a copy of your UW transcript to NWCCD for review.

  3. NWCCDs Records Office will review your UW and NWCCD credits and determine if you qualify for an associate’s degree. Christina Rigdon will be your point of contact, and she’s available at or 307-675-0113. If your credits do not align, you may need to speak with an advisor at NWCCD or UW.

  4. Contact NWCCDs Records Office at or 307-675-0113. Once it is determined that you have met the degree requirements, please Apply for graduation at NWCCD. Make certain you mark “yes” to the final question, asking if you are participating in the Reverse Transfer Your final NWCCD transcript showing a completed degree will be sent back to UWs Office of the Registrar.

If you have questions, please reach out to our office at 307-766-6695 or

We sincerely hope to work with you to ensure you are granted every degree you’ve earned!


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