Advertising in UWYO Roundup Buses

Whether you're a business or a club sponsoring an event on campus, advertising on our buses is the perfect way to get word out to the University of Wyoming's students and staff. There are 12 buses that are equipped with interior displays for advertisements. Please see our UW Transit System Map if you are not familiar with the designated routes of each shuttle.

Please download our full UWYO Roundup Advertising Guidelines for the most detailed information.


University Affiliated Departments & RSO's

On all 12 buses

Holds 10.5” x 22” ads

$185/month, $660/semester, $495/summer

+$240 for printing


Non-University Affiliated

On all 12 buses

Holds 10.5” x 22” ads

$264/month, $946/semester, $715/summer

+$240 for printing

Prices listed above include the installation, run time and removal of ads on each of our UWYO Roundup buses for the duration outlined above. Advertising on individual routes is not available. 

Interior advertising space during the academic year is available on all 12 UWYO Roundup shuttles. Interior advertising space in the summer is available on all 6 UWYO Roundup shuttles.

Printing fees are in addition to the rates provided above. To save advertisers time and ensure printing is done that meets installation requirements, Transportation Services coordinates the printing of the ad and will include these charges on your final invoice. 

Advertisers are responsible for the design of their advertisements or we can assist with design for an additional charge. 

Process for Securing Advertising Space

  1. Email or call to let us know you're interested and we'll have you fill out the Bus Advertising Policy.

  2. Advertising agreement is put into place.

  3. Artwork design/review/approval.

  4. Printing and installation of ads. Please allow two weeks. 

  5. Invoice (includes ad rate, printing and any requested design fees)

Contact for more information or to reserve your advertising space.

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