Accessibility Planning Information

Wyoming Union

Accessibility Planning Information

The Wyoming Union is committed to expanding the way we create welcoming events spaces and meeting rooms.  We would welcome any feedback as we look to make changes to make our facility more accessible.  Let us know if you have ideas we can explore or add to the information below.

In collaboration with Abilities, the student organization focused on increasing awareness about accessibility issues on campus, we have created the following list of resources and suggestions to assist event and meeting organizers in including accessibility in their advanced planning:



  • Contact the UW University Disability Support Services Office to request a transcriber or interpreter for your event.
  • Contact Abilities, the UW students organization focused on spreading awareness about accessibility issues, to arrange for a consultation about your event or to arrange for a workshop for your office or department to learn more about accessibility issues.  You can email the group directly at
  • The Union Reservations & Events Office can produce and print room diagrams with notations on accessibility accommodations in the rooms.The Union Reservations & Events Office can provide signage to label the most accessible routes or signs for reserved accessible seating at tables.
  • For larger scale events, the Union Reservations & Events Office can work with event organizers to brainstorm stage layouts to include ramps or a wheelchair lift.


Some basic suggestions to make any event more accessible:

  • When promoting your event - whether on posters, handbills, table tent signs or email - be sure to include contact information for University Disability Support Services or your office so accessibility accommodation requests can be made.
  • If your event is open to the public, request a transcriptionist and/or interpreter to ensure everyone in attendance can fully engage with your event.
  • Work with the event set up crew to identify places for chairs to be removed from a theater, classroom tables or round tables to accommodate attendees in wheelchairs.
  • Develop a diagram to show the most accessible routes, seating accommodations, locations of screens, location of closest accessible restrooms, etc.
  • Label areas where seating is reserved for those who have vision and hearing impairments.
  • Make sure rooms are fully lit so those attendees with vision limitations can see in the room.
  • If you are showing a video or a clip, consider using subtitles for those with hearing limitations.
  • Task someone with the role of "attendant" to be on point for opening doors, pulling out chairs, removing obstacles or otherwise offering assistance.  This does not need to be an additional staff person or volunteer as it can be the person(s) at a welcome/registration table who also serve this purpose.
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