Students gather on Prexy's Pasture to form a giant W.

University Studies Program


The University Studies Program requires students to develop skills necessary for full participation in a technologically complicated world. These skills are developed through six categories that focus on Communication, Human Culture, the Physical & Natural World, Quantitative Reasoning, the U.S. & Wyoming government, and a First Year Seminar. Within these courses, students will learn the ability to express oneself in speech and writing, to locate, evaluate, and effectively use information, and to examine problems from quantitative, qualitative, and scientific perspectives. A general education encourages students to become active citizens in a diverse democracy. Through multi-and inter-disciplinary inquiry, students gain the perspectives necessary to deal with complex issues, appreciate the viewpoints of others, function effectively in multicultural communities, understand the responsibility to participate in democratic society, and communicate clearly in a civic environment.

The University Studies Program ensures that each student's program includes the elements essential to a lifetime of personal and professional growth: habits of mind, practices of active citizenship, and development of intellectual skills.