Center Proctored Exams


CLEP, ACT Residual, etc.


  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP): Students: You can earn extra credits for what you already know.  Best of all, CLEP exams cost only a fraction of a college course--$ 109. $89 to CLEP, $20 to UTC.  Email us at for details about how it works and to set up a testing time.


  • ACT RESIDUAL:  If you cannot or have not taken the ACT on any of the national ACT Weekend Testing dates and need an ACT score to be admitted to UW, call us at 766-2188 or email the UTC.  We will not schedule ACT Residual tests when there are national weekend ACT tests available that will meet UW admissions deadlines. The ACT Residual costs $50 and is given on dates set by the Testing Center.


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