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Campus Construction Update for Sept. 7-13

September 5, 2014
Construction grader
A grader spreads a fresh load of dirt as part of an infield improvement project at Cowboy Baseball Field. (UW Photo)

These are among the construction activities scheduled Sept. 7-13 at the University of Wyoming:

Power Shutdown -- There will be an electrical shutdown Saturday, Sept.13, from 6 a.m.-7 p.m. to revise electrical distribution and provide service for the Enzi STEM facility. The power will be off at the following buildings: College of Engineering addition, College of Education, Education Annex and Anthropology Building.

New Bus Route -- A new Campus Commuter bus route began this week, replacing both the Campus Shuttle and Classroom Express routes. Read more.

Half Acre Gymnasium Addition and Renovation (General contractor Groathouse Construction Inc., Cody; scheduled completion of Phase 1, east reconstruction/addition, Jan. 20, 2015; Phase 2, historic west renovation, spring 2015) -- Full project information is available here. Construction progress can be observed via the project webcam here. Half Acre Gymnasium remains open and accessible via the west entrance. The day lot parking area and roadway immediately east of Half Acre Gymnasium are closed. Temporary day-use parking has been established in the lot east of the Wyoming Union.

Construction and staging areas north, south and east of the existing building have been established and are closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic, except that which is construction related. Access to Prexy’s Pasture from the east Wyoming Union parking lot between Half Acre and the Wyoming Union is closed until further notice. Please use alternate routes through the Wyoming Union or between the union and Coe Library. Heavy truck traffic, including construction materials transport, concrete trucks and other haulers, will be frequent on Willett Drive west of 15th Street and along the perimeter of the Wyoming Union parking lot. Temporary traffic controls and signs are either in place or will be established as needed by specific site activities.

Construction work for Phase 1, consisting of the reconstruction/addition of the east portion of the existing building, continues. Interior construction is continuing, with building systems rough-in, masonry, wall and ceiling systems framing, and fireproofing nearing completion in advance of finish construction. Exterior building enclosure work continues, including exterior framing, envelope thermal and moisture protection systems, stone and brick masonry, openings and roofing toward achieving final building “dry-in.” Specialty building equipment, including climbing wall/pinnacle components and penthouse HVAC units, has been delivered and installed in advance of field finishing and startup.

The sub-phase of the Phase 1 reconstruction/addition to build out the northwest corner adjacent to the retained existing stone walls continues. Adjacent pedestrian pathways north of Half Acre Gymnasium between Prexy’s Pasture and Willett Drive remain open; however, the continuing construction in this vicinity will result in increased congestion. Temporary traffic controls and signs will be established as needed by specific site activities. 

Site improvement work on Willett Drive west of 15th Street and south of Wyoming Hall has progressed to allow Willett Drive to be reopened to normal traffic. Site improvement work along the south perimeter of Willett Drive will continue. Site improvement work will impact portions of the parking lot east of the Wyoming Union through Sept. 30. Normal vehicular access to the parking lot will remain open; however, construction work along the north perimeter of this lot will require some temporary detours in that area. Temporary traffic controls and signs will be established as needed by specific site activities. Please observe all posted traffic control, construction signs and temporary flagging in the affected areas. 

Visual Arts Center (22nd Street and Willett Drive near the Centennial Complex) -- The metal siding has been removed. Repair of substrate and installation of new insulation and sheathing will be complete by end of week. Installation of stone should start early in the week. This work may be further delayed due to late rains. Depending on weather, the work will be complete by the end of September. The contractor is using a portion of the northwest parking area as a staging area.

Enzi STEM Facility (General contractor AP Wyoming, Cheyenne; Lewis Street between 10th and 11th streets; scheduled completion May 2015) -- Lewis Street remains closed between 10th and 11th streets. Please note that this project is being managed and administered by the State Construction Office.

Major underground utilities on the site are nearing completion along the north side of the building. Work started Aug. 13 on water line relocation in Lewis to prepare for construction of the utility tunnel connecting to main campus. Work on lowering water lines will continue until Sept. 12. Tunnel and vault construction will continue through mid-November. Parking west of the site on Lewis will be impacted, along with access to the EIC/ES loading dock. Structural steel erection is underway and has begun on the fourth floor mechanical rooms and roof. Most of the concrete placement for the floor slabs is complete. Work on the interior walls, along with mechanical and electrical rough-in, has started throughout the first and second floors. Concrete, steel and material delivery will continue based on requirements to sustain the work in progress. Installation for exterior wall framing has started on the north and will proceed around the west.

Watch for construction traffic on Lewis, 10th, 11th and Bradley streets. For safety, pedestrians should make eye contact with equipment operators and delivery drivers outside the fenced area so they are aware of their presence. There will be an increase in delivery materials and equipment delivered to site and storage yards along Lewis Street, with resulting heavy truck traffic. Job trailers, storage containers, materials and equipment are in storage yards east along Lewis Street. There will be equipment moving materials from storage to site.

You can visit the webcam at here.

Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts (General contractor Sampson Construction, Cheyenne; Fine Arts Building renovation and expansion; scheduled completion December 2014) -- The parking lot on the east side of the Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts is closed and is being used for construction staging. Building visitors should use the parking lot on the north side of the building. Those entering the Performing Arts Center must now enter through the doors on the building’s west side. This will be the entrance for all building operations, including classes, ticket purchases and performances, until construction is complete.

The parking lot south of the building is partially closed through late September for new sanitary and storm sewer pipe installation. The building heating system is shut off for upgrades through mid-September. Part of the west sidewalk along the north end is partially closed to pedestrians through mid-September for landscaping. Exterior framing, sheathing and vapor barrier installation continue on the south and the middle addition. Masonry work is ongoing on the north and south sides. Roofing is 95 percent complete. Interior framing/drywall, rough-in plumbing, duct work and electrical work are ongoing. Steel erection is complete on the east side of the addition and is nearly complete on the northwest addition. Work in the existing building is complete, with display boards, curtains and acoustic wall panels installed during unoccupied times. Heavy truck traffic will be frequent near War Memorial Fieldhouse, 22nd Street and Willett Drive, and along the road west of the College of Law Building.

ESCo Project (Long Energy Solutions, Casper) -- Wyoming State Vet Lab air distribution and control work is complete. Engineering air distribution and control work continues. Non-lab and lab area work on all floors are 90 percent complete. The heating system in the Engineering Building will be back on this week. New VAV installations for non-lab areas in the College of Agriculture Building are complete.

McIntyre Hall (General contractor Sampson Construction, Cheyenne) -- Window replacement is complete for this summer, with punch-list work continuing from the 12th floor to eighth floor. Apartment remodeling punch lists have been issued, and work is nearly complete. Remaining window replacement will begin in May 2015.

Biological Sciences Building Mechanical Modifications (General Contractor Independent Heating and Sheet Metal, Laramie) -- Fifth-floor ceiling grid, ceiling panels, duct modifications and lighting are complete; air balancing and sound testing also are complete. Two weeks of integration testing on the fifth floor has begun. Final roof installation will be ongoing for the next two weeks.

Arena-Auditorium Renovations (General contractor Haselden Constructors, Casper; Willett Drive; scheduled completion fall 2014) -- Phase 1 of the Arena-Auditorium Renovation is approximately 80 percent complete. The ADA seating platforms are being constructed within the arena at the concourse level. The new fixed seating extending from the concourse level down to the retaining wall/ railing has been installed and covered with plastic. The retractable seating that will extend from the railing down to the competition floor is scheduled to begin installation Tuesday, Sept. 8. Drywall work in the lower levels is approximately 95 percent complete, and painting activities are taking place in most rooms. Casework and built-in wood lockers are currently being installed throughout the lower level. Plumbing, light fixtures and heating/cooling diffusers are being installed. The maple wood floor for the basketball court is currently being nailed. Once it’s complete, the outer ring of the floor will be sanded and an initial coat of stain will be placed to allow for the telescopic seating to begin installation. Tile installation in the lower level/locker rooms is underway and approximately 95 percent complete.

Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center (General contractor Haselden Constructors, Casper; 22nd and Grand; scheduled completion fall 2014) -- The Gateway Center is approximately 90 percent complete. Metal trim enclosures and caulking are taking place on the exterior of the building. Landscaping and irrigation is being installed around the building. Sidewalks and exterior stairways are being poured on the south side of the building. The fiber cement panels on large projection from the southeast corner of the building facing Grand Avenue are being installed. This feature will hold a large Steamboat logo welcoming visitors to the UW campus. Flooring throughout the building is now complete. The stair treads for the stairways in the main lobby and the south stair are being installed. Installation of the environmental graphics and related casework have started in the Memorial Concourse. Acoustic ceiling tile work is being finished on the second floor and is approximately 90 percent complete on the third floor. Additional project information is available here. Click here for updated images taken by the construction cam.

Education Annex -- Literacy Research Center and Clinic (General contractor Shepard Construction Inc., Rawlins) -- This project is substantially complete and occupancy has been taken, with all access and site restrictions removed. Some minor work is yet to be completed by construction crews. Please observe any temporary provisions in place to accommodate the work.

Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center – Spruce Court (General contractor Arcon Inc., Laramie) -- Ramp forming is this week. Deck sub frame and ramp concrete placement are scheduled to follow next week. Service vehicles entering campus from the gate at 9½ Lewis St. should use caution. The Berry Center Green Roof will be closed for the duration of this project (fall 2014). Earthwork and existing irrigation line removal will be this week. Remaining earthwork and new irrigation installation will follow next week.

The UW Physical Plant has 358 projects in progress valued at more than $33.4 million. Following is a list of ongoing construction activities in areas of campus that may impact you:

Shipping and Receiving/General Storage (General Contractor Arcon, Inc., Laramie, scheduled completion September 2014) -- The main entrance off of 15th Street, northwest of General Storage, will be closed to install storm water infrastructure improvements. Delivery trucks will need to use 19th Street for access. Additionally, the parking area north of the General Storage addition will be closed to allow improvements to existing “A” parking. View a map of the detour here.

15th and Lewis Street Closure (General contractor Mechanical Systems Inc., Cheyenne) -- Lewis Street will be closed until Sept. 15 from the Wyoming/McWhinnie Hall lot entrance to 15th Street. Lewis Street will remain closed from 10th Street to 14th Street through Oct. 31. Access to Wyoming/McWhinnie Hall parking lots and Willett Drive is open for normal traffic. Parking on Willett will remain closed. Excavation work also will be ongoing west of 19th Street, and the sidewalk in the area will remain closed. Be aware of barricades and heavy equipment in these areas.

The bus stop on Lewis Street at 14th street will be open Monday, Sept. 8, for UW and ACSD busing. See a map of the traffic routes here.

River Village Apartments -- Painting of exterior doors is underway. Please use caution near painting crews and equipment.

Cowboy Baseball Field (General contractor Highland Landscaping & Contracting, Laramie; scheduled completion October 2014) -- Infield improvement work continues. The project scope includes removing grass, topsoil and infield dirt; installing drainage and irrigation; and replacing grass and infield dirt. Please use caution near staging area, and watch for heavy equipment entering and exiting the site.

Health Sciences Building -- Work has begun to renovate Room 483 to create two additional rooms with the space. Work to remove lab benches and flooring is ongoing. Please use caution near work areas.

Biological Sciences Building (Big Horn Roofing, Laramie) -- Installation of the roof around HVAC equipment began Aug. 4. Staging is on the southeast side of the building near the disposal chute. Use caution near the staging area during debris removal.

Residence Halls  (A&R Metal and Voltech Electric, both of Laramie) -- Work to install raceways, grounding, air conditioning and power for a new satellite TV provider, “Campus Televideo,” is complete. Additional runs into the lobbies of McIntyre and Downey halls are ongoing and are complete in Orr and White halls. Work is scheduled to be complete by Sept 12. Use caution around work areas.

Rochelle Athletics Center (Marshall Contracting, Laramie, Phase 1 scheduled completion September 2014) -- Work continues to renovate the north wing of the second level. Construction operations may cause noise in adjoining areas. Construction will mostly be contained within the northwest wing of the second level. Staging will be located on the exterior of the building’s north side. Please proceed with caution in and around this area, especially on the elevator directly adjacent to the work area.

Rochelle Athletics Center (Arcon Inc., Laramie, scheduled completion this month) -- Work continues in the southeast end of the weight room to add a nutrition center and office area. Staging will be located on the exterior of the building’s west side. Proceed with caution in and around this area.

Fieldhouse North (General contractor Elk Ridge Builders, Laramie; scheduled completion October 2014) -- Renovations are ongoing in the wrestling room, break room (047) and support spaces. Demolition operations may cause noise in adjoining areas. Construction will mostly be contained within the west end of the fieldhouse basement. Staging will be located on the exterior of the building’s east side. Please proceed with caution in and around this area, especially on the staircase directly adjacent to the work area.

Landmark Apartments -- Painting of exterior doors is ongoing. Please use caution near painting crews and equipment.

McWhinnie Hall/Education (General contractor Elk Ridge Builders, Laramie; scheduled completion September 2014) -- Work is nearly complete to ADA parking enhancements and landscaping improvements north of McWhinnie Hall. Landscaping and punch-list items will continue through September. Please be aware of crews and equipment in the area as the project nears completion.

UW Planetarium (General contractor Arcon Inc., Laramie; scheduled completion September 2014) -- The planetarium dome replacement began Aug. 11, which will require large sheets of aluminum to be brought in and out of the area. Aesthetic improvements will continue through the summer in the planetarium and adjacent elevator lobby. Please use caution near crews and materials in the area.

Engineering Building (General contractor Independent Heating and Sheet Metal, Laramie; scheduled completion September 2014) -- Air management and digital control upgrades to improve building efficiency are ongoing. The hot water circulation system for building heat is currently being refilled. Functional building heat will be active again soon. Be aware of ladders and equipment in the corridors.

Grand Avenue Reopens (Wyoming Department of Transportation) -- Major construction work is complete, and Grand Avenue has reopened between 15th and 21st streets. Landscaping, lighting and signage work will continue through early September as remediation from the street expansion project is completed.

Energy Innovation Center (General contractor The Plumbing Company, Laramie; scheduled completion September 2014) -- Work is ongoing to replace HVAC equipment in Room 377. Be aware of crews in the area.

Swimming Pool -- The Corbett Building swimming pool maintenance work is complete.

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