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Estate Planning Course

Introduction to Estate Planning

Self-paced and Free

The problem of beginning the estate planning process is easily solved if you know how to get started. The UW Extension bulletin series Planning Ahead, Difficult Decisions provides a wealth of material to help anyone begin the estate planning process. And now, the first entry in the series, Introduction to Estate Planning, is available as a free, interactive, online short course through UW Extension’s online Course Catalog.

This 30- to 45-minute self-paced, interactive online course provides an overview of estate planning considerations, including making end-of-life health care decisions, what constitutes a valid will in Wyoming, estate transfer suggestions, and much more.

Included are links to all the guides in UW Extensions Planning Ahead, Difficult Decisions series.

Understanding and Avoiding Credit Pitfalls

Personal Financial Literacy: Understanding and Avoiding Credit Pitfalls

Self-paced and Free

This new online short course from UW Extension, Personal Financial Literacy: Understanding and Avoiding Credit Pitfalls, provides Wyoming citizens with information about the importance of credit scores, reasons to check your credit report, ways to build your credit score, and pitfalls that can harm your credit. The interactive, self-paced course will take learners about 20-30 minutes to complete and offers concrete tips for keeping your credit score high enough to qualify for lower interest loans.