Graduate Education

Levi Lowder

Ph.D. Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences

Education History:

-B.S. Cellular and Molecular Biology Cum Laude: Fort Lewis College Durango, CO (Dec. 2008)

-Research assistant/technician in molecular biology and biochemistry (2007-2009)

-PhD candidate (PhC) Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences (MCLS) program, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Wyoming

Research Description:

My research focuses on genetic engineering of microalgae for industrial, agricultural and technological applications. One project involves engineering single-celled microalgae to clump together upon genetic induction. This would reduce energy and monetary cost of harvesting microalgae for biofuels, animal feed, plastics and other commodities. A more advanced project aims to develop transgenic algae that can self-assemble into useful biological structures and materials. 

Why did you choose UW for graduate education?

I chose to pursue graduate education for one reason: to work on advanced biofuels. UW supported that priority more than any other program I toured. Additionally, I was impressed with the high caliber of research and graduate training that I found when I visited UW. The Mountain West culture and lifestyle was also a huge bonus.

Current position:

Third year PhD candidate working in the lab of Dr. Stephen K. Herbert. 

Future goals:

After obtaining a PhD I would like to pursue post-doctoral training in molecular phycology and biotechnology. Ultimately, I hope to own or work for an algal biotech company. 

Advise to prospective students:

 UW has many great professors and much to offer. I recommend you visit Laramie and meet with professors working in a field that interests you. You will be pleasantly surprised.   

Levi Lowder

Levi Lowder
“UW/Laramie is a great place to play hard and work harder; it will test your character and intellect as well as any other university, and it’s not for wimps or lame people”
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