Graduate Education

Michael Presho

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics


Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, University of Wyoming, 2010
M.S. Mathematics, University of Wyoming, 2005
B.S. Mathematics, University of Wyoming, 2003


My primary research area as a Ph.D. student was flow through porous media. During my studies I was particularly interested in the effects that uncertain (random) parameters have on fluid flow. I developed efficient models to address the effects of random, multiscale permeability fields.

Michael's Research

Why UW?

The fluid flow community at UW's Dept. of Mathematics a very notable and knowledgeable group. Even though UW has fewer students than some larger universities around the U.S., the quality of research and education is nationally competitive.

Current Position:

Directly after my Ph.D. I started a post-doctoral position with Colorado State University. Very recently I have accepted a position with a company in Southern California. I will be writing commercial level codes to solve various computational fluid dynamics models.

Advice For Future Graduate Students:

Buy a warm coat. You'll need it! On a serious note, I always suggest maximizing any positive opportunity. Many people around the world do not have access to top level university education. A university education is something that shouldn't be taken for granted. Rather, it should be viewed as a privilege.

Michael Presho

Michael Presho, University of Wyoming applied mathematics graduate student
Michael and his wife Sara on the Bay Area shore. Michael's advice: "Don't forget to watch the Pokes during Saturday home games!"
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