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Incoming Students

To participate as an international exchange or study abroad student at The University of Wyoming you must complete the following steps:

Step One

Confirm that you are eligible

The undergraduate exchange program is open to students who have completed at least two semesters of university study and come from an exchange partner of The University of Wyoming.

Students from universities that are not exchange partners with UW are not eligible to study at UW as visiting students. You may consider applying to UW as a full-time student through the regular admissions process.


Step Two

Be selected and nominated by your home university

Before you can apply to UW, you must be selected and nominated by your home institution to participate in the exchange program. Contact the study abroad or international exchange office at your home university for details.


Step Three

Complete your application

Undergraduate and Graduate international students wishing to participate in a Study Abroad or Exchange Program should create an account and then log in to complete and submit THE APPLICATION LINK BELOW (do NOT click the gold "Apply to UW" link above):

Create an Account HERE

Account Login / Application Submission HERE

You will receive an email notification from your UW advisor with detailed instructions about the application process after your nomination is received. Refer to the UWYO Exchange Handbook for post-approval information and requirements.

*Please note: when completing your application, you must select a major. Please select the major that matches most closely with your current area of study. For example, if you study International Business at your home institution, you will select a business major.

The application will require the following supporting documents:

  • Nomination Letter from your home university.  This nomination letter must include the following information:
    • Student's full name
    • Student's email address
    • Whether the student will be participating in an exchange or study abroad program (paying 150% tuition rate)
    • The length of the program in which the student will participate (i.e. Spring, Fall, or Academic Year)
  • Cover Form with personal and academic information and i intended term(s) of study at the University of Wyoming
  • University Transcripts (from your home institution)
    • If your transcript is not in English, you will need to supply a certified English translation.
    • If you have completed an undergraduate degree and are applying as a graduate (Master's) student, you will need to provide a copy of your undergraduate diploma
  • Transcript Release Authorization
  • Color copy of the photo ID page of your passport
  • Proof of English Language proficiency, such as TOEFL or IELTS scores
    • This is only required for students whose first language is not English.  Test scores must be official; student copies of scores cannot be accepted.
    • To assess your proficiency in English, the University of Wyoming accepts the following test scores:
      • TOEFL internet-based minimum requirement is 71 for most majors
      • TOEFL internet-based minimum requirement for Engineering is 80
      • IELTS minimum requirement is 6 for most majors and 6.5 for Engineering
      • CET minimum requirement is 4 for undergraduates and 6 for graduates (Chinese speakers only)
      • 105 Duolingo English Test Score
    • The following are  TOEFL/IELTS alternatives for evaluating English proficiency.
  • Confidential Financial Statement (Complete the document that applies to you.  If you are coming for only one semester, divide the yearly amount in half to determine the minimum funding required. 

Please collect the relevant information in a timely manner to assist with your application and admission.

After you are admitted, your UW Education Abroad Advisor will submit your financial documents to our SEVIS Officer so that a DS-2019 can be issued. When the DS-2019 is ready, it will be mailed to your Study Abroad Advisor at your home university, along with your official acceptance letter.  Once you have this document, you can begin the process of applying for your J-1 visa. The processing of your application and DS-2019 may take several weeks, but we will get it to you as soon as we can.

Registration information will be sent out just before registration opens for the semester which you will be attending.  For students coming in the fall, this is generally in early May; for students coming in the spring, it is generally early December.


Next Steps


  • Refer to the Preparation and Arrival Page  to prepare for your study at UW
  • Look at your UWYO Exchange Handbook for resources for exchange students at UW
  • Students will need to submit a record of their MMR vaccinations to Student Health in order to register for classes.  We recommend that you gather this documentation early in order to register for classes earlier.  This documentation needs to be signed by your healthcare provider. 


If you have any questions or concerns about the information above, please email uwyoabd@uwyo.edu