undergraduate students



The Departments of Veterinary Sciences, and Animal Science offer a combined curriculum with several degree options depending on the interests and career goals of the students. Of these, Department of Veterinary Sciences faculty provide most of the upper division classes for the Pre-Veterinary Medicine option. This option provides students with a challenging curriculum that satisfies the entrance requirements for Schools or Colleges of Veterinary Medicine throughout the United States, emphasizing the requirements for Western Interstate for Higher Education (WICHE) colleges. Departmental faculty also provide key classes in the interdepartmental undergraduate major in microbiology

The pre-veterinary medicine option also provides excellent preparation for students interested in careers in animal health, allied health, and human health professions.   There is increasing interest and research in the complex interactions between the health of animals, people, and the environment.  Students completing the pre-veterinary medicine option are also well prepared for graduate education in these fields of study.