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Jim Caldwell

Jim Caldwell grew up in the wooded suburbs in NY State, 30 miles north of NYC. He graduated from SUNY Albany in 1984 with a BS in Computer Science, SUNY Albany in 1988 with a MS in Computer Science, and Cornell University in 1998 with a PhD in Computer Science. His area of focus includes Functional Programming Languages, Theorem Proving and Formal Verification, applications of the Curry-Howard Isomorphism to building correct-by-construction software and hardware. He is thrilled that his own research areas have turned out to play such a crucial role in so many applications of blockchain, and that this approach has been especially followed by IOHK in the development of their systems. In his youth, he was a keen rock climber and mountaineer, spending summers climbing across the United States, Canada, and in the French Alps.  Later on when he can find time, fly fishing and fly-tying are his hobbies. 

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Mike Borowczak

Dr. Mike Borowczak received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering in 2013. He is currently the Loy and Edith Harris Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Wyoming, where he also serves as the Director of the Cybersecurity Education and Research (CEDAR) Center and Lab, and the Co-Director of the Advanced Blockchain Research and Development Lab. He is a former hardware security architect and data scientist, having worked in both the semiconductor industry as well as several since-acquired startups. His research interests include Secure Distributed Systems, Security and Resilience of Autonomous Systems, Continuous and Adaptive Authentication, Cyber-Physical Systems and Applications, and Hardware-Level Security for Lightweight Agents.

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Kegan McIlwaine

Kegan McIlwaine is from Cheyenne, Wyoming, and he graduated from the University of Wyoming with his bachelor's in computer science in 2017. His current area of focus in his studies is formal verification of programming languages. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing and disc golfing.

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Finley McIlwaine

Finley was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a B.S. in computer science in 2020. He is pursuing a Ph.D. as a member of the University of Wyoming Advanced Blockchain Lab. His areas of interest include compilers, programming languages, and security in the context of distributed systems. Outside of his studies, Finley enjoys hiking, mountain biking, disc golfing, and photography.

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Clay Carper 

Clay hails from Riverton, Wyoming. He is a PhD student in Computer Science. His current research interests include Computational Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Applied Machine Learning, and Blockchain Technologies. Some of his hobbies are jamming some Monster Hunter, Magic: The Gathering (Casual Commander), hiking, and fishing.

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Sujan Dhakal



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Jayden Vap

Jayden is a military brat, so he has lived in seven different states, but is originally from Laramie. His major is Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. His area of focus is electronics, signals, and applied mathematics/numerical methods. During his free time, he competitively powerlifts.

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Stone Olguin


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Michael Pate



Jacob Centner headshotJacob Centner

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Sosha Krosley


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