Wyoming AEM Clearinghouse

The Wyoming AEM Clearinghouse works with school districts in Wyoming to provide accessible educational materials to students with print disabilities.

We offer information and assistance through phone calls, emails, video conference, or in person visits. We can help with technical assistance related to AEM software, programs, or devices. The Wyoming AEM Clearinghouse maintains a small library of assistive technology devices that may be useful to students with print disabilities, and these devices are available for students, families, and educators to borrow and try out. We can also provide demonstrations and trainings on these devices. Please visit our device database at https://wy.at4all.com to see all devices available.

We are a designated state authorized user for the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC), a federally funded, national repository of accessible educational materials. The Wyoming AEM Clearinghouse can access the repository and provide the source files to districts for eligible students. The Clearinghouse can also help identify resources to convert the source files.

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Wyoming Institute for Disabilities

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