The following publications highlight the use of the ECHO Model in supporting education:

Root-Elledge, S., Hardesty, C., Bowser, G. (2015). University of Wyoming ECHO in Assistive Technology: A promising practice for capacity building in education to improve student outcomes. Closing the Gap Solutions. October/November

Root-Elledge, S., Hardesty, C., Bowser, G. (2015/2016). Demonstrating the Possibilities: University of Wyoming ECHO in Assistive Technology is building capacity and showing positive outcomes in Wyoming and beyond. Closing the Gap Solutions. December/January

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Publications on the ECHO Model:

Project ECHO: Policy Pathways for Sustainability - This report was developed through support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Helmsley Charitable Trust, and the GE Foundation, and outlines a series of recommendations for federal and state action to support the sustainability and growth of Project ECHO.

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