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Undergraduate certificates in GIS&T

Undergraduate Certificates in GIS&T

Certificates in GIS and remote sensing give you pathways for adding geospatial skills to your major. Each certificate requires 9-10 credits (usually 3 courses) of core and elective courses. Geospatial knowledge is in high demand in the job market, and evidence shows that knowledge of geospatial science anchored in a variety of majors is a strong combination for employers.


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Certificate in GIS

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is at the core of geospatial science, providing the tools and methods for collecting, managing, and analyzing spatial data. A modern GIS is powerful; it can be used to ask and answer questions about geographic phenomena on your laptop, online, or in high-performance computing environments. A GIS can be used to make simple or complex maps (cartography), to build and analyze complex spatial networks, or to combine spatial data layers to answer questions across geographic scales in science, engineering, business, and the humanities.

Courses you will take:
The undergraduate certificate in GIS requires the following courses:

  • GIST 2310 (previously GIST 2100) – Introduction to GIS (4 cr.)
  • GIST 2200 – Introduction to Spatial Data Visualization (3 cr.)
  • GIST 2150 (previously GIST 2190) – Introduction to Programming in GIS&T (3 cr.)

Together, these courses give you a strong GIS foundation on which you may choose to build with other GIST courses.

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Certificate in Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is the science of using data collected by sensors carried on satellites, aircraft, drones, and other platforms to learn about the earth system. The certificate in remote sensing teaches you how remotely sensed data are collected and analyzed using state-of-the-art image processing techniques.

The remote sensing certificate requires 1 core course and 6 hours of elective remote sensing credit:

  • GIST 3140 (previously GIST 3111) – Introduction to Remote Sensing (3 cr.) 


  • GIST 4130 – Remote Sensing for Agricultural Management (3 cr.) 

Possible Electives (other courses may also be used with program approval):

  • GIST 4211 – Advanced Remote Sensing (3 cr.)
  • GIST 4130 – Remote Sensing for Agricultural Management (3 cr.)
  • GIST 4410 – UAS Sensors and Platforms (1 cr.)
  • GIST 4420 – UAS Mission Planning (1 cr.)
  • GIST 4430 – UAS Regulations and Safety (1 cr.)
  • GIST 4440 – Ground and UAS Operations (2 cr.)
  • GIST 4450 – UAS Photogrammetry and Digital Image Processing (3 cr.)

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How to sign-up

To sign up to earn undergraduate certificates in GIS or remote sensing, fill out a Change of Major form available from the UW Registrar’s Office here. Check the “Add a Certificate Program” box and fill in the other information. You will need signatures from your advisor, the department head for your current major, and from the WyGISC GIST Program Director, Beth McMillan (AgC Room 331) or designee. 


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