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The T2/LTAP Center assists local Wyoming agencies and individuals in gaining technical transportation knowledge. This is accomplished by communicating new and developing technology, responding to direct requests, providing reference materials, and conducting T2/LTAP workshops throughout Wyoming. T2 is part of the Local Technical Assistance Program, which supports centers in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The T2/LTAP Center is sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration, in cooperation with the University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Transportation Department, and Wyoming cities and counties.

LTAP Mission

The National Local Technical Assistance Program's mission is to foster a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound surface transportation system by improving skills and increasing knowledge of the transportation workforce through training, technical assistance, and technology transfer.

TTAP Mission 

The National Tribal Technical Assistance Program provides comprehensive transportation training and technical assistance to tribal communities thorugh building skills and expertise to ensure the safety and maintenance of tribal roads. 


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