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General rules for minors administered by Zoology and Physiology

  1. For all majors you cannot take a minor that is the same as your major. Thus a Zoology major cannot have a Zoology minor.
  2. Elective courses used in one minor cannot be used to count in a second minor. If a person takes a Neuroscience minor and a Animal and Human Physiology Minor, then the 12 elective hours must be distinct giving a total of 24 elective upper division hours
  3. For degrees offered by Zoology & Physiology, an additional 12 credit hours​ of upper division courses that are not counted in the major, can be used to get a minor. For example, a person taking a Physiology degree can get a Neuroscience Minor if they have taken an additional 12 credit hours in Neuroscience that are not being used in the Physiology major. Using the Example of #2 above, a student can do a Zoology Major, with Minors in Physiology and Neuroscience - but they would have to have at least 36 electives that are not overlapping in any way as well as meeting the other requirements for each Minor.

Why Choose the

Department of Zoology and Physiology

to pursue an undergraduate degree?

We care about teaching.  The instructors in our department often receive teaching awards from the university. At our department you will find a group of scientists committed to give you the best possible education in the biological sciences.

We excel at research. At our department you will be instructed by scientists that are not only dedicated teachers, but who are also accomplished researchers. This means that the information that you receive will be at the cutting edge of science. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in research. Undergraduate students are frequently active participants in our department's faculty research.

The University of Wyoming combines major-university benefits and small-school advantages. We offer the highest quality of education, while the tuition is among the lowest in the nation.

We offer four undergraduate degrees that span most areas in the biological sciences. Whether you are interested in becoming a wildlife biologist or a physician, we offer a program that will suit your needs. Click on the respective link to read detailed descriptions of the four undergraduate majors that we offer.

The students in our department are admitted to some of the best medical programs in the country, to the best graduate schools, and often get jobs at the Fish and Wildlife Agencies of the region.

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