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Past Philosophy News & Events

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

  • Congratulations to Philosophy major, Sage Weber, who was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Chapter at UW on April 28, 2017!

  • UW Philosophy major, Carter Henman, on the UW Debate Team, makes nationals for the 14th straight time. More can be read in the April 11, 2017 Branding Iron Issue.

  • Put your hands together for two faculty members! For the Academic Year 16-17; Dr. Susanna Goodin has received the A&S Extraordinary Merit in Teaching Award, and Dr. Harvey Hix received the A&S Extraordinary Merit in Research. As well, Dr. Goodin has received another P.I.E. award for 2017. Congratulations!

  • UPDATE: Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood’s POISONED JUSTICE (a murder mystery exploring the line between vengeance and justice—and the life of a San Francisco exterminator in the 70's) received a silver medal from the Independent Book Publishers Association at their annual gathering in Portland, Oregon.  Not bad for his first venture into fiction!

  • Congratulations to the following UW Philosophy instructors and their recent authored materials:

  • Dr. Susanna Goodin wrote an article on the value of philosophy and religion:

  • Dr. Robert Colter wrote about his unexpected adventures while traveling down under in Modern Stoicism, an article called "Stoicism and Surgery".

  • Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood's recent book, "Behind the Carbon Curtain" has been released. Details can be found on his Blog site: Jeffrey A. Lockwood

  • Dr. Robert Colter, has co-authored a paper with Dr. Joseph Ulatowski, "Social Dexterity in Inquiry and Argumentation: An Apologia of Socrates." The publication will occur in the AAPT Studies in Pedagogy, Volume 2: Teaching Plato winter of 2017. 

  • Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood has ventured into crime scene mayhem with his latest mystery book, Poisoned Justice. As an entomologist-turned-philosopher/writer, his approach to storytelling is to enchant and respect the reader.  The noir anti-hero is a wonderful way of exploring deep and important questions in philosophy without academic pedantry.  In Poisoned Justice, the protagonist is a life-smart character who wrestles with three grand traditions regarding how we should lead our lives.  In his approach to problems—like solving a murder—he reflects American pragmatism (‘Truth’ is the compliment we pay to ideas that work), Greek stoicism (we cannot control events in the world, but we can decide how we will respond) and European existentialism (no excuses—in the end, we are responsible for our actions).  The limits of these philosophical perspectives are explored in terms of justice—how should one deal with evil in the world?  Dr. Lockwood's book can easily be read for sheer pleasure in the characters, setting and plot, but for the reader who wants to ponder a bit, there is a richness that respects her intellect. Refer to the following websites to hear more from Dr. Lockwood:, or if you wish, move ahead to the book description and purchase options for Dr. Lockwoods newest novel.

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

  • During the National Humanities Alliance annual "Humanities Advocacy Day", profs Rachel Sailor (Art History) and Susanna Goodin (Philosophy) met with Wyoming elected officials, including U.S. Representation Cynthia Lummis, U.S. Senator John Barrasso, and members of U.S. Senator Mike Enzi's office. The trip was sponsored by the Wyoming Institute for Humanities Research (WIHR)

  • Put your hands together for graduating student, Luis Guerro-Berrera, who has been recognized as one of the top 20 graduating students within the College of Arts and Sciences for 2016. Luis will be returning as a Graduate Student starting in the Fall 16 term.  

  • Congratulations to Dr. Robert Colter, and his award, College of Arts & Sciences' Extraordinary Merit in Teaching award for 2016. Well deserved!

  • Dr. Robert Colter attended and presented at the 2016 APA Central Division Meeting on March 3, 2016. He presented "The Unexamined Student Is Not Worth Teaching: Preparation, the Zone of Proximal Development, and the Socratic Model of Scaffolded Learning with former faculty member, Dr. Joseph Ulatowski, who is now teaching at Waikato University in Hamilton, New Zealand. 

  • We have received an update from former MA student, Elizabeth Cantalamessa, who has been accepted to the University of Miami with full funding starting with the Fall 2016 term. We wish her best in her new endeavors. 

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015

  • The beginnings of a partnership between UW's Philosophy department and the University of Gondar (Ethiopia)'s department of Civics and Ethical Studies.

  • In the spring of 2015 associate professor Ed Sherline travelled to Ethiopia, and met with the head of the department of Civics and Ethical Studies at the University of Gondar, Ethiopia. As a result of this meeting, they agreed to develop a partnership between the two departments.   The University of Gondar teaches all courses in English, which makes this partnership easier to accomplish.  Because the University of Gondar’s library lacks the philosophy books required for this curriculum, and its students are not able to purchase them (so instructors must distribute well worn photocopies), UW’s philosophy department, using the Kaiser Ethics fund, has provided a set of these important and needed books.

  • Pat's on the back to Graduate Student, Liz Bell, who has received the 2015, John P. Ellbogen Outstanding Graduate Assistant for Teaching Award. Congratulations!

  • Dr. Susanna Goodin is once again a recipient of the P.I.E. Award, Promoting Intellectual Engagement Award. Nice Going!

  • Dr. Franz-Peter has authored, Rationality and Epistemic Sophistication. Congratulations! And a recognition to the cover illustrator, Graduate Student, Liz Bell. Informaton on the book is available at, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers:

  • Stressed Dr. Rob Colter's article, "If 2015 is already stressing you out, try stoic therapy," as published in Facts &

  • Congratulations to Dr. Duncan Purves and Dr. Robin Hill for their forthcoming publications:

  • Dr. Duncan Purves, with Dr. Ryan Jenkins and Dr. Bradley Strawser, will have an article in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, "Autonomous Machines, Moral Judgment, and Acting for the Right Reason"

  • Dr. Duncan Purves will have another article, "Torture and Incoherence: A Reply to Cyr," in The Journal of Ethics.

  • Dr. Robin Hill will have "What An Algorithm Is," in Philosophy and Technology.

  • To be published in Teaching Philosophy vol 38.1 (2015), Dr. Robert Colter and Dr. Joseph Ulatowski have written, "Freeing Meno's Slave Boy: Scaffolded Learning in the Philosophy Classroom."

    • Abstract: This paper argues that a well known passage from Plato’s Meno exemplifies how to employ scaffolded learning in the philosophy classroom. It explores scaffolded learning by fully defining it, explaining it, and gesturing at some ways in which scaffolding has been implemented. We then offer our own model of scaffolded learning in terms of four phases and eight stages, and explicate our model using a well known example from Plato’s Meno as an exemplar. We believe that any practical concerns one might have against the employment of scaffolded learning in the philosophy classroom ought not serve as an impediment to adopting our model.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood (and co-author Dr. Donald Maier) have a new publication appearing in the journal Environmental Philosophy, "Conversation as Picking up Trash in Nature."

    • Abstract: This essay explores a previously unexplored suggestion for combining consideration of aesthetics with considerations of vice and virtue to justify, not merely claims about nature's beauty or its preservation, but landscape-transforming conservation projects.  Its discussion is not univocal.  On the one hand, it suggests that vices associated with humans assisting a creature's journey to a new landscape make that organism’s presence on that landscape ugly.  According to this suggestion, the creature may be regarded as trash, which would be virtuous to remove.  On the other hand, it worries that the argument ultimately traces this circle:  It is wrong to fail to remove the creature because this failure would be blameworthy; and failure to remove would be blameworthy because wrong.

  • Honors Convocation was celebrated a month early this year, on Sept 19, 2014 with fourteen Philosophy majors and minors being recognized by the A&S Dean's Office. Congratulations to these students and their hard work!

Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

  • "Truth, Correspondence, and Gender," written by Dr. Joseph Ulatowski, was published in the December 2013 issue of Review of Philosophy and Psychology. Dr. Ulatowski was a visiting Lecturer during the 2012-2013 academic year.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood has published a new book, "The Infested Mind: Why Humans Fear, Loathe, and Love Insects." Learn why and where our fears have developed to maybe finding a love for bugs. A public radio interview about the book can be heard at:

  • Distinguished alumni, Mark Jenkins, presents at Casper College regarding his Mount Everest expedition. See attached.

  • Dr. Rob Colter and Visiting Lecturer Joseph Ulatowski's article "What's Wrong With This Picture? Teaching Ethics to Wyoming High School Students" has been accepted for publication in Teaching Philosophy. The content of the article is based upon the class they offer each year for the Wyoming High School Institute. Official citation: "Robert Colter and Joseph Ulatowski, 2013, What's Wrong with this Picture? Teaching Ethics Through Film to Wyoming High School Students, Teaching Philosophy 36:3, pp. 253-270."

  • Visiting Lecturer Joseph Ulatowski and his collaborator Robert Barnard (Mississippi) have a forthcoming article "Truth, Correspondence, and Gender" in Review of Philosophy and Psychology.

  • Sam Shook, graduating this year with a double major in Philosophy and History, has won the College of Arts & Sciences Board of Visitors Scholarship in recognition for outstanding voluntarism. Congratulations Sam!

  • Dr. Susanna Goodin has received the P.I.E. award for a 2nd year in a row. P.I.E. stands for Promoting Intellectual Engagement and honors instructors who inspire excitement, inquiry and autonomy in first-year courses, nominated by sophomore students. Congratulations!

  • The Philosophy Department would like to congratulate alumnus and occasional UW adjunct professor of Philosophy William Devlin (M.A., 2001) on successfully earning tenure at Bridgewater State University. Way to go Bill! Students interested in taking one of Bill's summer courses, PHIL 3000.05 "Existential Cinema" or PHIL 3320.01 "Asian Philosophy," should sign up now!

  • Franz-Peter Griesmaier presented his paper "Lucky Justification" at the Institute of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland).

  • Visiting Lecturer Joseph Ulatowski presented his paper "Discovering Commonsense Truth via Uncommon Methods: Experimental Philosophy in Tarski and Naess" at the Institute of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University, Krakow (Poland).

  • The Psychology Progress team has selected Visiting Lecturer Joseph Ulatowski's recently published article "Act Individuation: an Experimental Approach" as a Key Research Article for 2012 and as being of special interest to progress in Psychology and Philosophy. Psychology Progress alerts the scientific community to breaking journal articles considered to represent the best in fields of research associated with the study of cognition.

  • Congratulations! to Dr. Rob Colter who has received the prestigious "Extraordinary Merit in Teaching Award for 2012" in the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Visiting Lecturer, Joseph Ulatowski and Jeff Lockwood have published a commentary, "Conduct Unbecoming: Cowboy Ethics and Falcon Morality," arguing that Wyoming Football coach Dave Christensen imprudent behavior following the Air Force Academy game has distracted many commentators away from a more serious ethical problem that arose during the game.

  • Visiting Lecturer Joseph Ulatowski was a critic in the Society for Realist/Antirealist Author meets Critic session at the 2012 American Philosophical Association - Eastern Division meeting in Atlanta, GA for Douglas Patterson's new book Alfred Tarski: Philosophy of Language and Logic (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012).

  • Visiting Lecturer Joseph Ulatowski, has been busy preparing articles and presenting papers. He has three forthcoming articles:

    • "On the Expertise Defense of Armchair Philosophy," Southwest Philosophical Studies (forthcoming): 1-12.

    • "On `Drowning Man' and the Role of Motivation in the Moral Assessment of Action" Southwest Philosophy Review (forthcoming): 1-5.

    • "Act Individuation: An Experimental Approach," Review of Philosophy and Psychology (2012) 3.2: 249-262.

  • On Thursday, 11 October 2012, he gave a colloquium lecture entitled, "The Fragmentation of Truth: Gender Variation in the Ordinary Conception," at Weber State University in Ogden, UT. This lecture has been extracted from his ongoing collaborative research projects with Robert Barnard (Mississippi) on the ordinary conception of truth and its role in the nature of truth debate. 

  • On Friday, 9 November 2012, Joe Ulatowski presented his paper "The Role of Statistics in Experimental Philosophy" to the University of Wyoming Department of Statistics.

  • Adjunct faculty member, Robin Hill, is teaching a new course in the Fall of 2012, in a new field.  "Introduction to the Philosophy of Computer Science" is a junior-level special topics course, cross-listed in both Philosophy and Computer Science.  Dr. Hill considered several themes that might be suitable for the exploration of the confluence of the two fields, and chose "The Ontology of Algorithms."  She is also maintaining a blog about the new class at ""  The students are eliciting the nature and properties of the algorithm, a concept essential to computing, by learning and expressing classical algorithms, and by exploring what distinguishes algorithms from other abstract structures and what distinguishes one algorithm from another.

  • Dr. Jeff Lockwood and Dr. Robert Colter provided commentary in an article released to Wyoming Public Schools on the teaching of ethics. Feel free to read and discuss at:

  • Dr. Jeff Lockwood has been invited to be the writer-in-residence this October at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa, and to present a paper at an international conference on Literature and the Environment hosted by the University.  The writing program and conference organizers saw his essay on WyoFile ( and decided that his work on arts, energy, and censorship aligned well with their interests in how writing can be a tool of positive social change.  He will also give a lecture on his work on environmental ethics and aesthetics to the Wits Institute of Social and Economic Research & Johannesburg Workshop in Theory and Criticism.

  • Dr. Carlos Mellizo's Spanish edition of Mill's Three Essays on Religion has been published in Madrid Spain.

Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

  • Former Philosophy major and graduate, Mark Jenkins, reached the top by climbing Mount Everest. The announcement can be read on the UW News page:

  • Philosophy Faculty and Graduate Assistants, along with Religious Studies Faculty, joined together in nominating, Clayleen Rivord, the sole office personnel in both departments, for the UW Bookstore 2012 Favorite Administrative Professional of the Year award. Their letters of support and gratitude were favorable in the selection process in which Clayleen received the 2012 award.

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Jennifer Lamborn, has won the prestigious award, "Ellbogen Outstanding Graduate Assistant Teaching Award." This is the University's highest honor for graduate student teachers and the competition is extremely stiff.

  • Dr. Edward Sherline has been one of ten recipients in receiving the Top 10 Professors award within the College of A&S by the graduating class of 2012! Students have nominated him as being influential in their academic studies and achievement. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! to Dr. Susanna Goodin who has inspired students in her Introduction to Philosophy course. In a survey of first-year courses, students have nominated her for a PIE award, "Promoting Intellectual Engagement in the First Year." 

  • Dr. Marc Moffett and John Bengson (Masters Student, 2004) have published the book "Knowing How, Essays on Knowledge, Mind and Action."

  • Dr. Carlos Mellizo has had his Spanish translation of "Chapters on Socialism" published in Madrid by Alianza Editorial, S.A.

  • Welcome new Department Head, Dr. Susanna Goodin. After nine years, Dr. Sherline has passed the "hat" on to new leadership within the department. Dr. Goodin's reign began August 15th. She has been a faculty member within the department since 1992 and has now taken the bull by the horns and a step to new horizons. We thank Dr. Sherline for all his work over the years, and congratulate Dr. Goodin in her new position.

  • Dr. James Forrester has announced that he will be moving in the spring to the Seattle area. If you are wanting to meet with him, take advantage of the time while he is still in Laramie. 

  • Dr. Carlos Mellizo received an extensive review of his recent book, Vasubandhu-Berkely, co-authored with Dr. Juan Arnau in the July issue of "Puente Atlantico-The Interdisciplinary Journal of the Association of Spanish Professionals in the U.S."

Fall 2010 - Spring 2011

  • Congratulations to Philosophy major, Kaleb Skog, and Philosophy minor, Braxton Beemer in their Outstanding Graduate 2011 Award! They've worked hard and their efforts have been rewarded. Way to Go!

  • Ed Sherline received a "Thumbs-Up" Award by the A&S Student Council for outstanding and positive contributions to the University of Wyoming.

  • Dr. Franz-Peter Griesmaier received ExtraOrdinary Merit in Teaching Award

  • Dr. Jeff Lockwood received ExtraOrdinary Merit in Research Award

  • Dr. Robin Hill is on Sabbatical for the Academic Year 10-11. She will be visiting Stanford (Academic Computing) and Oxford (Learning Technologies Group), attending several Philosophy events and talks and we look forward to hearing from her upon her return Fall 2011.

Fall 2009-Spring 2010

  • 5/5/10 –First Lady Nancy Freudenthal has been appointed as a federal judge for the District of Wyoming. Mrs. Freudenthal is a Wyoming native who graduated with honors in Philosophy, went on to study and graduate with honors in Law at the University of Wyoming. Congratulations go to her! Read more, “Senate confirms first lady.”

  • 3/31/10 - Dr. Carlos Mellizo and Professor Juan Arnau (University of Barcelona) co-authored "Vasubandhu-Berkely," a volume in the series Pretextos Indika, devoted to the dissemination of Oriental Philosophy in the Western world and its connections with the European philosophical tradition.

  • 3/31/10 - Dr. Jeff Lockwood and Dr. William Reiners (Dept of Botany) have co-authored the book, "Philosophical Foundations for the Practices of Ecology." Quoted from the back cover, "The authors begin by exploring the sources of variety in the practice of ecology and how these have led to the current conceptual confusion. They argue that the solution is to adopt the approach of constrained perspectivism and go on to explore the ontological, metaphysical, and epistemological aspects of this position and how it can be used in ecological research and teaching."

  • 2/26/10 - Graduate Student, Joe Mayes, presented the paper, "Intention and Permissibility: on the Highway to Hell?" at the 2010 annual meeting between the North Carolina Philosophical Society and the South Caroline Society for Philosophy.

  • 2/8/10 - Dr. Carlos Mellizo has authored a Spanish translation of John Stuart Mill's book "Coleridge." The book is currently at press.

  • 2/8/10 - Adjunct Professor, Dr. Robin Hill, will be taking a professional leave (from ECTL) for the academic year, 2010-2011, to visit two other academic institutions; Stanford University and Oxford University. She will be visiting similar groups within the computing and technology programs at each of these facilities. We wish her well.

  • 2/5/10 - Graduate student, Pablo Zavala, has received a remarkable $5,000 scholarship for the 2010-2011 school year through the A&S Dean's Office. To receive this award he wrote an essay regarding his professional and personal goals as well as his interests in Philosophy, which was accommodated by two letters of reference from faculty within the department. Congratulations, Pablo!

  • Nov 09 - The hard work and endurance of Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood and former UW professor Dr. William A. Reiners were rewarded with the publication of the book "Philosophical Foundation for the Practices of Ecology." Their years of experience and shared knowledge helped bring this book together. To see a preview visit:

Fall 2008-Spring 2009

  • Dr. Jeff Lockwood was a guest speaker for "The Entomological Society of Washington" at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., where he gave two talks; one being "Green Imps of Satan: The Story of the Rocky Mountain Locust" and the second being on Entomological Warfare, titled: "Six-Legged Soldiers: Insects as Weapons of War, Terror and Torture." Abstract for the "Green Imps of Satan..." lecture: If it is difficult to imagine three trillion insects passing overhead in 1875, it is even more challenging to grasp that less than 30 years after the "perfect swarm" passed over the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountain locust disappeared. What might we learn about conversation, science, and ourselves from the life and death of such a remarkable creature?

  • Dr. Marc Moffett presented the paper, "Purposive Knowledge," at the 37th annual meeting for the Society for Exact Philosophy in Edmonton, Alberta. Abstract: I will begin with a question (hereafter, the Reference Problem): Why is knowledge more of a "reference magnet" than mere justified, true belief (Merrill 1980; Lewis 1983, 1984)? Presumably there is something about knowledge which accounts for the fact that we have latched onto it and not one of the myriad other epistemic relations in the vicinity. Arguably, the best way of approaching this problem is to think broadly about what sort of "work" the concept of knowledge is supposed to be doing in our overall conceptual scheme; that is, any analysis of the concept should illuminate why the concept is apt for that sort of work.

  • Dr. Jeff Lockwood creeps in with an article in the New York Times on 4/18/09 titled "The Scary Caterpillar." in response to the CIA's contemplated use of these insects.

  • Dr. Ed Sherline presents with Dr. Don Roth and Dr. Carol Frost, "Ethical Decision Making & Responsible Conduct of Research" on Wed., March 11, 2009 from 1:00-4:00 pm in the Wyoming Union, West Ballroom.

  • Dr. Carlos Mellizo's recent works include:

    • A third, revised edition of Carlos Mellizo’s Spanish translation of Mill’s essay The Utility of Religion (La utilidad de la Religión,  ISBN: 978-84-206-4966-5)  has just been published in Madrid, Spain, by Alianza Editorial.  Mellizo is the author of the new prologue.

    • Hobbes’ Leviathan (ISBN: 978-84-206-8280-8)  also translated, annotated and introduced  by Mellizo, has now reached its 11th  edition.  Mellizo’s translation has become the standard Spanish version of  Hobbes’ book for college students of Philosophy and Political Science in Spain and Latin America.

  • Dr. Marc Moffett has been busy publishing materials which include; "Against a Posteriori Functionalsim" in the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, co-authored "The Folk on Knowing How" in Philosophical Studies, "Reasonable Disagreement and Rational Group Inquiry" in Episteme, and "Know How" for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. He co-edited a book, "Know How: Essays on Knowledge, Mind, & Action."

  • Dr. Franz-Peter Griesmaier receives PIE award. The award, "Promoting Intellectual Engagement in the First Year" is sponsored by the Learning Resource Networks (LeaRN) and the Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning to faculty who have intellectually inspired students in their first year courses.

  • Dr. Jeff Lockwood will read from his newly published book, "Six Legged Soldiers: Using Insects as Weapons of War" on Sat., October 18, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. at Second Story Books.

  • Dr. Marc Moffett presented "Epistemic Conservatism" at a symposium on Metaepistemology, at the University of Texas; "Comments on Fallis, 'What is Lying?'" at the 2008 American Philosophical Association Meeting; and "Comments on Przyjemski, 'The Semanitc Features of Bound Pronouns'" at the 2008 Mountain-Plains Philosophy Conference.

Fall 2007-Spring 2008

Two people were recognized at this year's commencement activities:

  • Dr. Susanna Goodin received recognition as one of the "Top Ten Teachers" in the College of Arts & Sciences. This award is received by graduating student votes for outstanding teachers.

  • Student, Nicholas T. Haderlie, received recognition as one of the twenty "Outstanding Graduates," nominated by faculty. He is a Philosophy major from Laramie, Wyoming.

  • Shout Out -Just a little shout out to the UW master's students whose hard work has paid off in some nice graduate school placements. Major congratulations, fellas!! Enjoy the ride:

    • Jeremy Bryant Weiss, Ohio State University (full funding)

    • Thomas Scott Dixon, University of California, Davis (full funding)

    • Erik Hoversten, Rutgers University (full funding)

    • Adam Ross Thompson, University of Nebraska (full funding)

      • Taken from the publication "Close Range"

  • Philosophy tops in results for Student Evaluations. The February 2008 A&S You Like It publication states the "Departments of Modern & Classical Languages and Philosophy offer courses that our students judge to be the most intellectually challenging, .." both rating on the table at 4.66 out of 5.0 Philosophy also scored within the top ten departments on "Overall assessment of instruction"with a score of 4.46.

  • Robin Hill, Adjunct Professor and B.A in Philosophy '75 (with a full-time appointment on campus as Coordinator of Instructional Computing) has published a short feature in the June 2007 issue of SIGACT News, a quarterly for computer scientists interested in computability theory, entitled "How Close Did Kurt Godel Get to the University of Wyoming?" The answer is "Not very," but a handful of distant coincidences, manifested in wartime correspondence and later local connections, turned out to be intriguing.  Dr. Hill thoroughly enjoyed the research, in the course of which she earned a New York Public Library card and access to the scholarly Manuscripts Reading Room.

  • Annual Philosophy "Welcome Back" Picnic; Thurs., Sept. 13, 2007, 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Washington Park, shelter #2

Fall 2006-Spring 2007

  • Carlos Mellizo's paper "MILL AND THE ETHICS OF DEATH" has been accepted to be read at the 5th International Conference of the Iberian-American  Society of Utilitarian Studies, to be held in Granada, Spain, on September 26-28 (5/24/07)

  • Congratulations to this years winners of the 2007 Willetts Essay Competition; First place to  Jeremy Weiss, entering the paper, "A Torturous Choice," and runner-up Adam Thompson, who's paper was, "The Moral Permissibility of Torture." Each paper can be viewed at

  • We are pleased to announce that Jeff Lockwood, Professor of Natural Sciences and Humanities, with a joint appointment in Philosophy and the MFA program in Creative Writing, has won the George Duke Humphrey Distinguished Faculty Award for 2007. In his announcement letter, Myron Allen, Vice President for Academic Affairs, writes: "This selection is one of the highest honors that the University awards and it is testimony to your remarkable and varied contributions to the University of Wyoming as well as to the extraordinary caliber of your teaching and scholarship."Congratulations Jeff !!!

  • Dr. Jeffrey Lockwood's article, "The Nature of Violence," was chosen to be included in this year's edition of Best American Nature and Science Writing; an anthology publication by Houghton Mifflin. (3/20/07)

  • Taylor Carman (BA in Philosophy 1987), an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bernard College, while teaching a seminar on Nietzsche and Heidegger this fall, found that Emeritus Professor Richard Howey is now immortal.  He has been quoted in Wolfgang Müller-Latuer's big Nietzsche book, Volume III: Heidegger und Nietzsche (2000). Chapter 2 (page 67) begins, "Wer sich eingehend mit Heidegers Nietzsche-Interpretationen beschäftigt, wird jenen Eindruck von 'ambivalence' gewinnen, den R. L. Howey so bescreibt: 'There are aspects of his interpretation that are highly stimulating and lead to new insights regarding the nature of Nietzsche's metaphysical enterprise. However, all too often, Nietzsche gets buried under Heidegger's attempt to demonstrate his thesis. Congratulations Richard! (Sept. 06)

  • Philosophy once again scores highly (4.62), second in line behind Modern & Classical Languages (4.68), of the Student Teaching Evaluations for if a "Course is Intellectually Challenging." Philosophy also scored within the top 10 for "Overall Assessment of Instruction" with a score of 4.44. (Detailed information is available in the Sept. 2006 issue of A&S You Like It.) (Sept. 06)

Fall 2005-Spring 2006

  • Philosophy scored in the top three of the Student Teaching Evaluations averages regarding if a "Course is Intellectually Challenging" following Modern & Classical Languages at 4.69, Physics and Astronomy at 4.63 and Philosophy at 4.62. Philosophy also scored within the top 10 for "Overall Assessment of a Course" with a score of 4.41. (Detailed information is available in the January 2006 issue of A&S You Like It.) (Feb. 06)

  • Franz-Peter Griesmaier debates with Kent Hovind, founder of Creation Science Evangelism, on creationism vs. evolution. Read more in the Boomerang archives (Oct 12, 2005) 

  • Philosophy rates in the top ten from Spring 2005 Advising Evaluations in the October 2005 issue of "A&S You Like It." (Oct. 05)

  • Dean Walter recognizes the department of Philosophy in the publications of the "A&S Report." Click here to read. (Sept. 05)

  • Spring 2005

  • Mike Farnsworth, graduate student, has honorable achievements for the Spring 2005 term:

    • Acceptance at the 4th International Summerschool on "Philosophy, Probability, and Physics" held at the University of Konstanz in Konstanz, Germany.

    • Recipient of Arts & Sciences Summer Independent Study Award

    • Paper presented "Probabilistic Knowledge of the Status Quo Under the Veil" at the 32nd Annual Conference on Value Inquiry held at Lousisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana April 8 - 11 (May 05)

  • Dr. Susanna Goodin receives A&S Top Teacher Award by the graduating class of 2005. (April 4, 2005)

  • Former graduate student and current visiting lecturer John Bengson presented papers at four conferences this spring. The conferences included the CUNY and Rocky Mountain graduate student conferences, the 32nd meeting of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (SAAP), and the 79th meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA) Pacific Division. The papers were titled “How to Perceive the Pat with Your Eyes Shut” and “On the Value of Mystical and Religious Experience”. Visit for a news article, published by the Branding Iron and UW News, on the latter paper. (Spring 2005)

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