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Division of Auxiliary Services
Transit and Parking Services

Vendor and Contractor Parking

Parking Enforcement Hours

Parking Permit Map

Vendors Permits - Off-campus vendors, delivery personnel and other off-campus commercial enterprises are eligible to purchase a "V" permit.  The fee is $273 annually or $22.75 per calendar month.

Vehicles displaying "V" permits may park in the following areas:

  • "A", "C" and "R" spaces.
  • Service drives and loading/unloading zones. The Transit & Parking Services department must be notified prior to parking in service drives.

Vehicles displaying "Contractor" permits may park only in assigned "A", "C", and "R" spaces. Contractor permits are issued by the Transit & Parking Services department after the status of the application has been verified with Facilities Engineering and/or Facilities Planning.

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