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Peer Reviewed Papers Acknowledging Wyoming INBRE 2

Peer reviewed papers acknowledging Wyoming INBRE 2 support (NCRR P20RR016474/ NIGMS P20GM103432)(2009-early 2013).

1. PMID: 19167173. Alexander BM, Singh P, Austin KJ, Cockrum RR, Cammack KM, Hess BW, et al. Effect of maternal fatness on fetal steroids and semi-quantitative real-time PCR expression of receptor genes in sheep. Animal reproduction science. 2009;116(1-2):58-64. Epub 2009/01/27.
2. PMID: 19842458. Carr LJ, Bartee RT, Dorozynski CM, Broomfield JF, Smith ML, Smith DT. Eight-month follow-up of physical activity and central adiposity: results from an Internet-delivered randomized control trial intervention. Journal of physical activity & health. 2009;6(4):444-55. Epub 2009/10/22.
3. PMID: 19398661. Ceylan-Isik AF, Guo KK, Carlson EC, Privratsky JR, Liao SJ, Cai L, et al. Metallothionein abrogates GTP cyclohydrolase I inhibition-induced cardiac contractile and morphological defects: role of mitochondrial biogenesis. Hypertension. 2009;53(6):1023-31. Epub 2009/04/29.
4. PMID: 21763763. Ceylan-Isik AF, Li Q, Ren J. Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1) deficiency ameliorates sex difference in cardiac contractile function and intracellular Ca(2+) homeostasis. Toxicology letters. 2011;206(2):130-8. Epub 2011/07/19.
5. PMID: 21035453. Ceylan-Isik AF, Sreejayan N, Ren J. Endoplasmic reticulum chaperon tauroursodeoxycholic acid alleviates obesity-induced myocardial contractile dysfunction. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology. 2011;50(1):107-16. Epub 2010/11/03.
6. PMID: 19914257. Ceylan-Isik AF, Zhao P, Zhang B, Xiao X, Su G, Ren J. Cardiac overexpression of metallothionein rescues cardiac contractile dysfunction and endoplasmic reticulum stress but not autophagy in sepsis. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology. 2010;48(2):367-78. Epub 2009/11/17.
7. PMID: 20188535. Fan X, Turdi S, Ford SP, Hua Y, Nijland MJ, Zhu M, et al. Influence of gestational overfeeding on cardiac morphometry and hypertrophic protein markers in fetal sheep. The Journal of nutritional biochemistry. 2011;22(1):30-7. Epub 2010/03/02.
8. PMID: 19605766. Ford SP, Zhang L, Zhu M, Miller MM, Smith DT, Hess BW, et al. Maternal obesity accelerates fetal pancreatic beta-cell but not alpha-cell development in sheep: prenatal consequences. American journal of physiology Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology. 2009;297(3):R835-43. Epub 2009/07/17.
9. PMID: 22739110. Garcia CC, Potian JG, Hognason K, Thyagarajan B, Sultatos LG, Souayah N, et al. Acetylcholinesterase deficiency contributes to neuromuscular junction dysfunction in type 1 diabetic neuropathy. American journal of physiology Endocrinology and metabolism. 2012;303(4):E551-61. Epub 2012/06/29.
10. PMID: 20731752. Ge W, Li Q, Turdi S, Wang XM, Ren J. Deficiency of insulin-like growth factor 1 reduces vulnerability to chronic alcohol intake-induced cardiomyocyte mechanical dysfunction: role of AMPK. Journal of cellular and molecular medicine. 2011;15(8):1737-46. Epub 2010/08/25.
11. PMID: 20937379. Ge W, Zhang Y, Han X, Ren J. Cardiac-specific overexpression of catalase attenuates paraquat-induced myocardial geometric and contractile alteration: role of ER stress. Free radical biology & medicine. 2010;49(12):2068-77. Epub 2010/10/13.
12. PMID: 20576133. George LA, Uthlaut AB, Long NM, Zhang L, Ma Y, Smith DT, et al. Different levels of overnutrition and weight gain during pregnancy have differential effects on fetal growth and organ development. Reproductive biology and endocrinology : RB&E. 2010;8:75. Epub 2010/06/26.
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15. PMID: 19344729. Guo R, Ma H, Gao F, Zhong L, Ren J. Metallothionein alleviates oxidative stress-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress and myocardial dysfunction. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology. 2009;47(2):228-37. Epub 2009/04/07.
16. PMID: 19215238. Guo R, Zhong L, Ren J. Overexpression of aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 attenuates chronic alcohol exposure-induced apoptosis, change in Akt and Pim signalling in liver. Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology. 2009;36(5-6):463-8. Epub 2009/02/14.
17. PMID: 20030376. Houghton DT, Gydesen NW, Arulsamy N, Mehn MP. Synthesis and characterization of iron(II) quinaldate complexes. Inorganic chemistry. 2010;49(3):879-87. Epub 2009/12/25.
18. PMID: 21238558. Hu N, Guo R, Han X, Zhu B, Ren J. Cardiac-specific overexpression of metallothionein rescues nicotine-induced cardiac contractile dysfunction and interstitial fibrosis. Toxicology letters. 2011;202(1):8-14. Epub 2011/01/18.
19. PMID: 22423897. Hua Y, Clark S, Ren J, Sreejayan N. Molecular mechanisms of chromium in alleviating insulin resistance. The Journal of nutritional biochemistry. 2012;23(4):313-9. Epub 2012/03/20.
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21. PMID: 23069627. Hua Y, Zhang Y, Dolence J, Shi GP, Ren J, Nair S. Cathepsin K knockout mitigates high-fat diet-induced cardiac hypertrophy and contractile dysfunction. Diabetes. 2013;62(2):498-509. Epub 2012/10/17.
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26. PMID: 19769946. Kandadi MR, Rajanna PK, Unnikrishnan MK, Boddu SP, Hua Y, Li J, et al. 2-(3,4-Dihydro-2H-pyrrolium-1-yl)-3oxoindan-1-olate (DHPO), a novel, synthetic small molecule that alleviates insulin resistance and lipid abnormalities. Biochemical pharmacology. 2010;79(4):623-31. Epub 2009/09/23.
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