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Wyoming 4-H Volunteer's Roles

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    Project Volunteer

    A 4-H Project Volunteer coordinates and teaches members within a specific project area, such as photography, foods, or beef. 4-H volunteer project leaders are the "backbone" of 4-H.
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    Club Volunteer

    A 4-H Club Volunteer provides overall 4-H club leadership. Also coordinates members, parents, and the involvement of other leaders. 4-H Club Leaders can be an individual, a team, or a group of people that have specific roles that fulfill the 4-H Club Leader responsibilities.
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    Activity Volunteer

    A 4-H Activity Volunteer directs activities, such as fund raising, recreation, community service, and promotion. Members learn through involvement in the activity.
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    A 4-H Coach Volunteer coordinates and teaches members who are planning to participate in a contest or event.
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    Committee Member

    The 4-H Committee Member. The 4-H program runs well when much of the work is done by committees of youth and adults who have interest in a particular area. As an approved volunteer you can serve as a voting member or in leadership of a committee to help plan a particular part of the 4-H program.
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    4-H Overnight Chaperones. Many of our events require our youth to stay overnight, like camps, contests, and trips. We have very strict policies for those volunteers staying overnight with youth, and overnight chaperone training is required.

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