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Each year, county 4 H programs can nominate two outstanding individual volunteers to receive the 4 H Salute to Excellence Awards. The Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award is given to an individual who has spent 10 or more years as a 4 H volunteer while the Volunteer of the Year Award is given to an individual who has volunteered for 4 H less than 10 years. Four regional winners are chosen in each award category per year and from the four regional winners one state winner is identified. Contact your local 4-H Educator to nominate a 4-H leader in your county today! Nominations are due in October each year.

Previous Award Recipients


2022 State Winners

Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer:

David Hansen
Region: Southeast
County: Albany
For 24 years David has been a volunteer in Albany County. His 4-H educator says, “David is superb at thinking outside the box to be creative in finding new funding sources: incentivizing member's completing record books well; creating the small engine project and is always supportive of all the county 4-H activities.” David has been club leader of the Wild Brumbies 4-H Club for 9 years, and co-leader for the previous 5 years. He has served on various committees for the past 15 years, and has been the Albany County 4-H council president. He has been Outstanding Volunteer in Albany County twice, and was the Outstanding Alumni in 2022.

Volunteer of the Year

Jessica Witbeck
Region: Southwest
County: Lincoln
 With 6 years service, Jessica is the community leader for the Hamsfork Hands 4-H club. Her Lincoln County educator states "I can honestly say that without her, 4-H would not be what it is in Kemmerer right now." She ensures that 4-H'ers have the supplies that are needed, and coordinates with Shooting Sports to be certain the needs of all Kemmerer 4-H members are meet. She oversees all the project leaders and assists with any of their needs too. Jessica spearheads all club fundraiser and service projects, and has been council chairman twice. She often helps get members to out of county events, and encourages all members to be involved at a state level.

2022 Regional Winners

Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer

Region: Northwest
Sondra Snyder
A 4-H leader for 12 years, Sandi has been highly active in Wool Judging, shooting sports, leading 2 clubs, and is now Council Vice-President. Sandi was Overall Leader of the year in Campbell County for 2015 and again in 2022, and lead her club to Club of the Year in 2020. Her clubs have supported Operation Military Child, and host a Little Free Pantry in Wright. She helped organize the Wool Judging group, develop an updated wool manual, and hosted an annual educational competition open to the state. For many years she attended camp as a chaperone were she assisted in stations, cooking and nursing. Sandi is active in Achievement night and runs the annual Chili Bingo fundraiser. She is also part of a group working towards a Clover Sprouts Greenhouse at the Clover Corral facility.

Region: Central
Robert Jo Watson
Jo has been involved in 4-H for over 15 years. His Natrona County 4-H educator states" He is always the one to step up and make things happen in his club, and has lead the barn superintendent during the fair. He is very kind and soft-spoken and the voice of reason when others are not." Jo's club the Trail Busters does many fundraisers and activities, especially the annual Haunted Barn. Jo is always the one to drive, figure out logistics, and get things and members to where they need to be. He has been a 4-H Council member for 10 years, and Lead Barn Superintendent for 4 years. Jo is the quiet person in the background making sure things get done, and is an outstanding example for 4-H youth and adults.

Region: Southwest
Jan Moody
Jan has been in Lincoln County 4-H and the Cokeville Community Club for 24 years, and over the years has helped with many different projects. She was nominated in 202 for the Outstanding Leader award in Cokeville, and serves on the 4-H Leader Council. Her 4-H educator states "Jan is a major part to our success in our 4-H program". When there is a need she is willing to jump in and help, even if it is not her expertise. If you see something in the Star Valley Independent about the Cokeville Community Club, you can bet that Jan put it in the paper. Jan is always willing to judge when needed, helps with local 4-H camps, and is a huge supporter of the State Fair. Jan has been a very important part of the community parent leader group and helps with fundraising and manpower for events.

Region: Southeast
Jennifer Booth
Jennifer has spend more than 14 years as a 4-H volunteer in Goshen County, with the past 10 years served as co-leader of the Gleaners Union 4-H Club. In addition to helping grow membership, she is an important player in decorating and improving the 4-H building during county fair. She frequently encourages her club to either fund or build important additions to better display a wide variety of projects. She also is administrator of a national trip fund partnership, that helps raise and disperse funds for members participating in national 4-H and FFA events and competitions. She annually creates quilts that are auctioned for thousands of dollars to maintain financial requests for the fund. She ensures that each monthly meeting of the Gleaners Union is an event, from movie nights to pool parties, encouraging the club to embrace the "fun" part of the meeting wheel while still including service and group decision making processes so vital to young people.

Volunteer of the Year

Region: Northwest
Amy Hoyt
A 4-H leader in Big Horn County for 7 years, Amy is the key leader for the Paintrock Punchers 4-H Club. She provides leadership opportunities for her club members, and helps them to do community service projects at least 6 times per year. She is an active Junior Show Awards committee member, who helps find awards, brainstorms new ideas and engages in giving out awards. Her 4-H educator states "She is always helping build our program through lending a hand, sponsorships, brainstorming, or providing learning opportunities". Amy assists with area fitting clinics as well as county Jackpots, and is diligent in helping contact sponsors for shows and awards. She participates in county fundraisers each year with silent auction items and any duties as needed. She is a great team player.

Region: Northeast
Makala Riley
Makala had been a 4-H intern for the past 3 years in Campbell County, prior to that she was a 4-H youth member for 11 years. As a new leader she is highly active in most 4-H project areas, and received the Helping Hands Award. She has been willing to step in at any class or event to help out, and is a big supporter of 4-H camp. Makala is primary Cloverbud leader, helping with the meeting plans, teaching project areas, STEM, games, and snacks. Her 4-H educator states "Makala has made great connections within the cloverbuds where members feel welcomed and excited to be 4-H members. This past year she and her husband hauled a trailer down and stayed with camp counselors throughout camp, a total of 6 days and 5 nights. She is also very active in Western Junior regional contest, and is a huge supporter of the shooting sports program.

Region: Central
Christine Dice
A 4-H leader for 4 years in Natrona County, and has been the 4-H Council Secretary for 2 years. She assists superintendents with the Alpaca projects and show, as well as static judging. She has also been the Natrona County 4-H Carnival Chairman. Her 4-H educator states "She is enthusiastic and looks for opportunities to help and promote 4-H. She became involved right away in events and activities offered by her club and the 4-H office".

Region: Southeast
Cerrina Smith
The Laramie County 4-H educator states "Cerrina Smith has touched any youth who has benefited from 4-H on the F.E. Warren Air Base in the last 5 years. Her time dedicated to the program extends well beyond that. Ms. Cerrina as the kids know her has a depth of passion and knowledge of the 4-H program that runs very deep". F.E. Warren Flight Chief for the youth program says "The 4-H program flourishes because of Cerrina". She is a leader for the Patriots 4-H Club housed on base, and spends countless hours helping navigate 4 spin project groups, teaching youth directly along with helping them sign up to exhibit projects at county fair. She works with members to ensure they are ready for the interview process, making it a super positive experience for them. This past year she helped navigate the hurdles to make sure 4-H was in compliance with base guidelines to hatch and have baby chicks. She organizes volunteer's trainings and project trainings. Her upbeat personality keeps the love for 4-H growing on base. Cerrina has been a key player in helping secure grant fundings from Kansas State that supports Military Programming efforts.



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