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Online Resources

Online Resources
  • Belonging (pdf)
    All young people want to belong and be members of groups. Groups may be formal like classrooms and school sports teams or informal like 4-H clubs. There are three essential elements that, when present in 4-H clubs, create a strong feeling of BELONGING among club members: a caring adult, a safe environment, an inclusive environment.
  • Independence (pdf)
    INDEPENDENCE can be seen in the 4-H program when members see how their 4-H experiences can shape their future life choices. To go a step further, their vision then transitions into actual future participation. For true INDEPENDENCE youth must develop a sense of influence over their lives, exercising their potential to become self-directing adults.
  • Mastery (pdf)
    MASTERY is the ability of our 4-H members to build on their knowledge, skills and attitudes related to subject areas in which they have interest. MASTERY also takes learning a step farther by allowing our 4-H members the opportunity to demonstrate what they are learning which the goal of helping youth become proficient practitioners. MASTERY is a process that happens over time. To master a skill a 4-H member is engaged in their learning. MASTERY is not the result of showing an animal at the fair but rather being engaged in the subject matter. MASTERY includes building relationships and connections in order to develop understanding. Through self-reflection youth who master a skill should be able to self-correct and learn from their experiences.
  • Generosity (pdf)
    GENEROSITY is the willingness to give and share of one’s time and/or resources. GENEROSITY is done without an expectation that the gift or act will be returned. GENEROSITY in the 4-H program can take many different forms. GENEROSITY is the act of giving, serving, or helping. We feel good about ourselves when we do something to make the lives of others easier. There are different types of giving; we can give of our time, talents, or give financially.

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