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The Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation (CBDI) is an interdisciplinary center focused on emerging technologies to foster innovation, economic development, and education.

The CBDI is shared by the College of Business, College of Engineering and Applied Science, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the School of Energy Resources; it is also working with the state’s community colleges.


UW Blockchain Center Anticipates Bitcoin Halving 

A significant impact on bitcoin and the broader digital asset market will occur following the anticipated bitcoin halving this month, says Steve Lupien, director of the University of Wyoming’s Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation (CBDI). Read more.

UW has second-ranked Blockchain program in nation

A student higher education resource website ranks the University of Wyoming among the top Blockchain education programs in the nation.

UW is ranked second among top the five Cryptocurrency or Blockchain programs listed by, a website founded in 2014 by educators, data scientists, and academics. UW is ranked behind the University of Southern California and ahead of Fordham, University of the Cumberland, and South College.

The UW Center of Blockchain and Digital Innovation (CBDI) began offering an undergraduate minor degree in Blockchain in 2021.

UW’s Wyo BEE Curriculum to Enhance Blockchain and Digital Literacy in High Schools

A University of Wyoming program to enhance Blockchain, finance and digital literacy learning for Wyoming high school students will be available through Wyo BEE in fall 2024.

Wyo BEE -- which stands for Wyoming Blockchain Education for Everyone -- will supply 12 teaching modules for high school juniors, seniors and community college students to access. Included in the program is a textbook, co-written by Steve Lupien, UW Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation director. The modules also will have teacher’s manuals, quizzes and digital certification for students who successfully complete the coursework. A digital game to help reinforce what students learn also is planned for the program.

“Wyoming has become a world leader in Blockchain-related laws,” Lupien says. “It is important that high school, community college and university students, as well as the public, learn about the impacts of Blockchain.” Read more.

Steve Lupien, director of the University of Wyoming Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation, explains what the upcoming Bitcoin halving, expected in in April, 2024, is all about. The exact date of the Bitcoin halving can vary slightly due to fluctuations in the time it takes to mine each block. The halving event is scheduled to occur every 210,000 blocks, which historically happens approximately every four years. Since the timing of block mining can be influenced by the total computing power of the Bitcoin network, the precise date can shift.


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Wyoming Blockchain Stampede Sept. 16-20

Growing Wyoming” is the theme of the seventh annual Wyoming Blockchain Stampede Sept. 16-20 at the University of Wyoming.

Presented by the UW Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation (CBDI), the Stampede features top experts in innovative technologies; economic development; startups; fintech, quantum computing; bitcoin mining; digital literacy; regulation and law.

The week includes a meeting of the Wyoming Legislature’s Select Committee on Blockchain, Financial Technology and Digital Innovation Technology; the UW College of Business Career Fair, the Second Wyoming Computing Symposium: “Data Analytics and Computing Advances for Drone Applications (DACADA),” a meeting of Wyoming Stable Token Commission; and the Stampede eSports Meetup and Competition. Read more.

2024 Wyoming Blockchain Stampede Sept. 16-20, 2024


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