Registering for Classes At UW

At UW, registering for classes is not only crucial for academic progress and is streamlined for your convenience. With user-friendly online platforms and dedicated support from academic advisors, navigating the registration process is both important and hassle-free, ensuring you secure the classes you need to achieve your academic goals.

Below you can view step-by-step instructions about the registration process for Fall/Spring classes or Summer classes.

university of wyoming sign in the fall


Fall and Spring Registration

Fall and spring registration differs from summer registration in 3 ways:

1. You must Obtain your PERC number from your academic advisor.

2. Registration dates vary by student group for fall and spring courses.

3. Fall and spring courses have set start and end dates.


old main in the summer time


Summer Registration

Summer registration differs from fall and spring registration in 3 ways:

1. You do not need a PERC number to register for summer courses.

2. Registration opens on March 1st for all student groups.

3. Summer courses have variable start and end dates.



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