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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities that are listed as “Apply-To” below, that have qualifying questions open November 15, 2022 for the 2023-24 Academic year and close at midnight, March 15, 2023.

Scholarship opportunities that are listed as “Auto-Match”, below will show in WyoScholarships in early February 2023 when the auto-match period begins.

All scholarship opportunities are only available through the

WyoScholarships program through the office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.

  All UWAA scholarships assist in fulfilling the student’s University Commitment.    

                University Commitments are separate from the Hathaway Scholarship.                        

Students receiving a Trustees’ Scholars Award do not qualify for UWAA Scholarships.


Only four scholarships are designated as "Apply-To".  Each "Apply-To" has a few specific qualifying questions.  The UWAA coordinates with the Office of Financial Aid to verify the qualifying questions and Financial Aid completes the awarding process based on the UW commitment for the student.  You will only be able to apply for scholarships once you have been accepted to attend the University of Wyoming and will need your WyoWeb username and password to apply.  


Alumni Association - Native American Scholarship (Any State - Race must include American Indian/Alaska Native and maintain tribal affiliation) 

License Plate Funded Scholarship - Grandchild of UW Graduates Scholarship (Wyoming Only - Grandparent(s) must be a UW graduate)

License Plate Funded Scholarship - Non-Traditional Undergraduates Scholarship (Wyoming Only - Students mush answer why the consider themselves a non-traditional student)


The remaining scholarships are “AUTO-MATCH” opportunities through WyoScholarships, the University of Wyoming's scholarship system.  Auto-Match is based on the student’s general application in WyoScholarships after acceptance to UW and automatically matches a scholarship to a student profile.  Auto-Match scholarships are based on the annual approval process and available funds. Being eligible does not guarantee being selected for a particular scholarship.

These opportunities below will show in WyoScholarships in early February 2023, when the auto-match period begins. 

Alumni Association - Honors Scholarship (Wyoming Only) 

Alumni Association - Multi-Cultural Alumni Chapter Scholarship (Any State)

Alumni Association - U.S. Veterans of War (Any State)

Alumni Assocaition - UW Juniors and Seniors (Any State)

Alumni Association – Wold Family Scholarship (Wyoming Only – Must be enrolled in the College of Business or the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources)

Alumni Association Houston Region Network Scholarship (Texas - with special consideration given to specific counties)

Alumni Association HNew York Region Network Scholarship (New York, New Jersey or Connecticut - with special consideration given to specific counties)

Bill & Nancy Pettus Special Education Scholarship (Any State - Must be pursuing a degree in special education)

Bruce and Carla Pivic UW Alumni Association Scholarship (Wyoming Only - Must be enrolled in a degree program in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. Preference will be given to residents of Sweetwater County)

John and Patricia Eastman UWAA Scholarship (A resident of, or high school graduate from, the state of Montana)

John Evezich Memorial Scholarship (Wyoming Only – Preference given first to students from Kemmerer, WY community, then from Lincoln County, WY, and finally from Wyoming at large.  Student must have a declared major.) 

Kembel Family Alumni Associaton Scholarship (Must be a graduate of a Wyoming High School)

License Plate Funded Scholarship - (Primarily Wyoming, but a few are awarded to Out of State every year)

License Plate Funded Scholarship - 2nd Bachelor’s degree (Wyoming Only)

License Plate Funded Scholarship - 5th/6th Year Students (Wyoming Only)

License Plate Funded Scholarship - Community College Transfer Student (Wyoming Only - Must be a current Wyoming Community College student with expected Jr. Standing)

License Plate Funded Scholarship - Non-Traditional Undergraduates (Wyoming Only)

License Plate Funded Scholarship - Outreach/Distance (Wyoming Only) 

Mary Lou Rechard Memorial Alumni Scholarship (Any State - Parent(s)/guardian must be UW Graduate)

Platte Valley Bank Alumni Scholarship (Any State)

Robert W. McBride Alumni Scholarship (Wyoming Only – Applicant must be a graduate of a high school in Johnson County, WY) 

Have a question? Please contact the UWAA at uwalumni@uwyo.edu. If they are unable to answer your question, they will refer you to the Office of Financial Aid.

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