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UWAA Scholarship donors with recipient

Support Students in the Form of Scholarships

Donors find giving to scholarships directly helps students achieve their educational goals. The UWAA is proud to administer the scholarship program to invest in the legacy of UW students who carry the torch of UW pride, knowledge, and innovation to future generations.

Since its inception in 1906, the UWAA Scholarship Program has grown steadily through its coordination of the Scholarship Club, Endowed Scholarships, and the Wyoming License Plate Program. Per academic year, approximately $200,000 is disbursed to nearly 120 students with awards ranging from one to four years.




Recipient Spotlight

  • Isabella Mijares

    Isabella Mijares

    Alumni Association - Multi-Cultural Alumni Chapter Scholarship
    “The University of Wyoming has great opportunities, such as this scholarship, that will help me achieve future goals of mine. Not only do they have an amazing Communication Disorders Program, but also opportunities like participating in research as an undergrad. This is just another one of the reasons why this school strives toward helping their students. Scholarships like this one will help me achieve a greater education, so I can continue making a difference.”
  • Taylor Schanno

    Taylor Schanno

    License Plate Funded Scholarship - Community College Transfer Student
    “I want to express my gratitude for your generosity in helping me reach my goals and dreams as an elementary teacher. I will be a first-generation college graduate, and with your help this is making that dream reality. The License Plate Funded Scholarship has helped me throughout my college experience, and I cannot express how grateful I have felt to be granted it.”
  • Kaite Couture

    Katie Couture

    John P. Ellbogen Foundation Scholarship
    “I am honored to continue to be the recipient of the John P Ellbogen Foundation Scholarship. Thank you for your generosity which allows me to pursue my education and concentrate on what is important to me throughout my academic career. You and all of those who have contributed have awarded me the ability to focus on the information and skills I am learning to prepare for both my career and academic future as opposed to the cost of that endeavor.”




UWAA Available Scholarships

UWAA Scholarships include:

  • $1,500-$6,500 paid over 1-4 years awarded to two Multi-Cultural and two Native American students
  • $2,500 paid over 1 year awarded to a UW junior or senior
  • $8,500 paid over 4 years to an Honors Student
  • $6,500 paid over 4 years to a U.S. Veteran of War
  • 12+ endowed scholarships of varying length and award
  • 28 scholarships of varying length and award through the UW Motor Vehicle License Plate Program

To learn more about First-Year and Transfer student opportunities, visit the website for the Office of Financial Aid descriptions.

UW Students cheering at football game

Scholarship Club

Scholarship Club donations from our loyal donors make possible the generous awards given to UW students through the UWAA Scholarship Program. Donations are also fully tax deductible.

You may give at the following Scholarship Club levels:

  • Individual ($100)
  • Patron ($500)
  • Benefactor Patron ($1,000)
  • Executive Level ($1,500)
  • General Scholarship Donation (donor specified amount)




Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships that UWAA coordinates selection for include:

  • Alumni Association Wold Family Scholarship
  • John and Helen Ilsley Family Foundation/Sheridan County Alumni Network Scholarship
  • Hershler/Skinner Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Jeanine and Warren Hodges UWAA Scholarship
  • John and Patricia Eastman UWAA Scholarship
  • John P. Ellbogen Foundation Scholarship
  • John Evezich Memorial Scholarship
  • Kembel Family Alumni Scholarship
  • Mary Lou Rechard Memorial Scholarship
  • Platte Valley Bank Alumni Scholarship
  • Reed Family UW Alumni Association Scholarship
  • Roberta M. Darnall Scholarship
  • Robert W. McBride Alumni Scholarship
  • Shaw Family Scholarship
  • Tuff Samuelson Memorial Scholarship

Not all endowed scholarships are awarded every year.


UW graduate at graduation

UW Gold License Plate and football helmet

UW License Plate Program

License Plate Scholarships include:

  • 12 for incoming freshmen students
  • 10 for Wyoming Community College transfer students
  • Two for Non-traditional Undergraduates
  • One for 2nd Bachelor's degree
  • One for 5th/6th year students
  • One for Grandchild of a UW Graduate
  • One for Outreach Program

Since its launch in 2007, the UW License Plate Program has issued 13,691 license plates and generated $1,369,000 for student scholarships and programming (as of 3/8/2021).

Contact the UWAA's Business Manager at (307)766-6876 if you have questions about your vehicle's eligibility for the UW plate or the availability of certain plate numbers.


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