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Our mission is to provide an up to date, efficiently managed facility for teaching, research and extension activities for the University of Wyoming and its collaborations, and assisting the Instructors, Principal Investigators, Researchers, and other coordinators with those activities. Furthermore, to show students across campus an industry they may lack exposure to, and to train these students to be adept in many facets of meat processing and food safety. Lastly, to strive to set a superior example and provide a wealth of information for small meat plants and producers in the state and surrounding areas.

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One full-time manager and 8-10 part-time student workers staff the meat lab, and are equipped to slaughter and/or process beef, lamb and pork, buffalo, game, poultry and fish. The UW Meat Lab has a receiving tub and holding pens, a multi-species livestock harvesting floor, carcass coolers, fabrication/processing areas, inedible coolers, cooked product coolers, freezers, a retail sales area, and an office suite that houses the Meat Lab manager and Wyoming Department of Agriculture inspection personnel. The UW meat lab works very closely with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture State Meat Inspection to ensure that all meat products are from healthy livestock, that workers follow all sanitary handling procedures and regulations, and make certain that only safe and wholesome products are allowed to enter commerce.

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Product created in the UW Meat Lab is also available for purchase. Meat sales are scheduled at the discretion of the meat lab manager, approximately twice a month during the school year, and once a month during the summer. Sales depend on product inventory and available items will vary throughout the year. Generally available for purchase are quarters of beef and smaller beef packages, sides of pork and whole lambs, ground beef, fresh pork sausage and ground lamb. You will also find available from UW Cowboy Branded Meats a traditional Beef Summer Sausage, Jalapeno & Cheddar Summer Sausage, Beef Snack Sticks, Honey BBQ Snack Sticks, and a variety of other flavors of snack stick products. All items available through retail sales are processed by staff and students in UW Meat Lab. For more information on meat sales, click here.

The UW Meat Laboratory occasionally offers activities in the form of meat processing workshops in conjunction with Animal Science faculty and UW extension. Furthermore, there are workouts and contests available for 4-H and FFA meat judging teams to participate and compete in. For more information on these opportunities, please contact Kyle Phillips at kphill25@uwyo.edu.



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