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Sale dates are scheduled at the discretion of the Meat Laboratory Manager. Information regarding product availability and upcoming sale dates requires registering as an active member of the UW Meat Lab’s online store and list serv. Membership is available to both University of Wyoming employees as well as the general public (there are no fees associated with signing up as a member for the online store).

If you are a UW employee accessing the link via the UW server, you can register here with your UW e-mail address (this only works using the internet on campus).

If you are off campus and need to register, please e-mail Kyle Phillips at and request to be added to the meat sales list, and include your e-mail address in the body of your message.

If you are a member and have received notification of a sale being open, you can access the online-store here. Please note: Meat can only be viewed and purchased when the online store is open for a scheduled sale.


Meat is cut, wrapped and frozen when sold. See chart below for products generally offered.

Meat sales pick-up is located in the Meat Sales Room (Room #134), at the West end of the Animal Science/Molecular Biology Building. Click here for directions to the UW Meat Lab

Meat sales order totals are calculated and paid for at the time of pick-up. We currently only accept credit card, check and payroll deduction (available for UW employees only). We CANNOT accept cash.

**It is important to remember that the UW Meat Lab is a teaching facility. Cuts of meat may differ in size in comparison to commercially cut product and occasionally pieces may be missing from the previously described packaged due to classroom/lab projects.**

**It is also important to consider that animals do vary in size and weight, and that the weight listed in the product chart is an average of typical orders. The item you pick up could be outside of the listed weight range and could cost more due to the additional weight of the package.**

CHART (need to create new chart adding Branded Meats Items to what we already have)

**This is a general list of the main products offered during meat sales. Product availability may cause this list to change**


How do I sign up?

Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive notification of sales via email. If you are accessing the internet via The University of Wyoming you may register here: (PLEASE NOTE: This link ONLY works if you are using a UW Email address via the UW server)

If you are accessing the internet off campus, please send your email address to Kyle Phillips at

When are meat sales?

Meat sales are not routinely scheduled, and are set at the discretion of the meat lab manager. The UW Meat Lab will try to have two sales per month during the Fall and Spring semesters, and one per month during the Summer.

How do I order product?

Once you receive notification that a sale has been generated, you can access the online store at Once there, you can fill out the requested information, and you will then be able to browse through available meat products to create your order.

Will I receive a confirmation?

Yes, you will receive confirmation after placement of your order. If you do not, then your order was not accepted or your e-mail address could be entered incorrectly. If you have any questions or your confirmation e-mail does not match your placed order, please contact Kyle Phillips at or at (307) 766–4163.

Where do I pick up my order?

During the scheduled meat sales pick up time, you may pick up your order in the Meat Sales Room (Room # 134), located immediately inside the West entrance to the Animal Science/Molecular Biology Building. For directions to the Meat Lab, click

When do I pay for my order?

You will pay for your order as you pick up. Please remember that weights of packages may very compared to the listed averages on the web site, and your order may be slightly above or below what you’ve previously considered.

What types of payment are accepted?

Credit card, check and payroll deduction (available for UW employees only).

What is the Payroll Deduction Policy?

(updated 4/24/12)


As a courtesy to UW Employees, we offer payroll deduction as a payment method under the following terms:


  • Payroll deduction for meat purchased will begin with the first possible month of payroll following the sale, given payroll processing deadlines. Deductions occur once per month.
  • Purchases may be split over a maximum of four (4) months, with the minimum deduction being $50 and any remainder of less than $50 being the final payment.
  • Payroll deduction(s) for a meat sale will begin immediately, regardless of balances still owed from previous meat sales. In the case where amounts are still being deducted from previous sales, the new amount will increase the deduction - there will be no delay in starting the new deduction.
  • Employees must sign a Payroll Deduction Authorization form at the time of the meat sale, and will need their Employee ID number (not "W" number) to complete the form. Employee ID numbers may be found by accessing UW Employee Self Service via WyoWeb.
  • The Payroll Deduction Authorization form may only be signed by the employee - family members or friends may not sign.


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