Department of Anthropology

Charles A. Reher
Associate Professor Emeritus

BA 1970, University of Wyoming
MA 1971, University of Wyoming
Ph.D. 1978, University of New Mexico • (307) 766-2208 • Anthropology Bldg 219


Director of University of Wyoming Anthropology Museum and the Anthropology Department Archaeological Field School Program; Tribal Archaeologist for the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapahoe Tribes, Wind River Reservation; Director UW/Town of Pine Bluffs High Plains Archaeology Project (including Windows on the Past Archaeology Site Interpretive Center and High Plains Archaeology Museum and Field Lab); Director, Vore Buffalo Jump Site Excavation Programs and Vice President Vore Buffalo Jump Foundation; (*) (CAR Website still being updated, was on Medical Leave portions of 2007-2009)

Reher's Vita

Research Interests

In General ... research and teaching in Northwest Plains archaeology, especially the study of Late Prehistoric/Plains Indian cultures and the archaeology of Early Historic Frontier expansion ... ... also, when I can ... Southwest archaeology, including Anasazi cultures of the Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde areas, and the Early Historic Navajo.

More Specifically ... tend to specialize in the study of chipped stone technology, including projectile point analysis and experimental flintknapping ...
... but ... due to my own interests and also the needs of our department ... additional research and teaching in stylistic and functional analysis of ceramics; all aspects of historical archaeology including the analysis of trade beads and glass containers; bison ecology and faunal analysis; site dating and paleoclimatic reconstruction using dendrochronology; hunter-gatherer adaptation in semiarid environments; ethnobotany; geoarchaeology; archaeological applications of remote sensing; computer applications of statistical analysis and other quantitative techniques; computerized digital imagery analysis; museum display techniques.
Some Contemporary Issues ... various activities in cultural resource management contexts, including advocacy of Native American viewpoints; the role of archaeology in historic preservation, public education, and economic development; currently developing major research and public education field centers in the small southeastern Wyoming town of Pine Bluffs, and at the Vore Buffalo Jump near Sundance in northeast Wyoming.


Recent Publications

(2007) The Donovan Site (5LO204): An Upper Republican Animal Processing Camp on the High Plains. L. Scheiber and C. A. Reher. Plains Anthropologist 52(203):337-364.

(2003a) The 1998 University of Wyoming/Grand Teton National Park Cooperative Archaeology Program. In Harlow and Harlow, eds., 24th Annual Report 2000 for the University of Wyoming National Park Service Research Center (pp. 72-92)

(2003b) Dendrochronological Assessment of the Little Missouri Antelope Trap 48CK69. C.A. Reher, C. Crago, and M. Kornfeld. George C. Frison Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology Technical Report No. 25b, University of Wyoming, Laramie. (46 pp.)

(1998) Human-Bison Interaction in the Northern Black Hills: Interdisciplinary Lessons from the Vore Buffalo Jump (48CK302). (C. Reher, L. Todd. Published Abstract in: Irby, Lynn R., and James E. Knight, Eds., International Symposium on Bison Ecology and Management in North America, Montana State University, Bozeman.

(1996) 12,000 Years of Hunting and Gathering in Northeast Wyoming: An Archaeological Overview of Northeast Wyoming, M. Kornfeld and C.A. Reher. Technical Report No. 10, Department of Anthropology, University of Wyoming.

(1995b) Results of Subsurface Testing, H.H. Haspell, M. Kornfeld, R.L. Weathermon, and C.A. Reher. Ch. 8 in Keyhole Reservoir Archaeology: Glimpses of the Past From Northeast Wyoming, M. Kornfeld, G. Frison, and M.L. Larson, Eds., Occasional Papers in Wyoming Archaeology No. 5.

(1996) 12,000 Years of Hunting and Gathering in Northeast Wyoming: An Archaeological Overview of Northeast Wyoming, M. Kornfeld and C.A. Reher. Technical Report No. 10, Department of Anthropology, University of Wyoming.

(1995) Tree Growth on the Snake River Floodplain, Jackson Hole, Wyoming: A Dendrochronology Project, C.A. Reher and L.L. Scheiber. Wetlands Research Program Technical Report WRP-RE-9. U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Washington D.C.

(1991) Large Scale Lithic Quarries and Regional Transport Systems on the High Plains of Eastern Wyoming: Spanish Diggings Revisited. In "Raw Material Economies Among Hunter-Gatherers", A.M. White and S. Holen, Eds., University of Kansas Publications in Anthropology19: 251-284. (Proceedings of the University of Kansas Museum of Anthropology International Conference on Hunter-Gatherer Material Economy).



Charles Reher

Charles Reher

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