Benjamin Nathan

Ben Nathan was raised in Green River, Wyoming as the oldest of five siblings. He works primarily in printmaking, but also spends significant time painting. He is interested in making art that: is inspired by the west, and presents a contemporary approach to representing the landscape. 

Artist Statement

The On The Range suite is a collection of variable intaglio etchings that reflect on what the landscapes I associate with home feel like to me. I have spent virtually my entire life in “the west” and all of the colors and textures that I chose to use in these works were sourced from years of travelling and living in the I-80 corridor. As such, I feel that each print is representative of my own observations, experiences, and memories of a life in Wyoming. 

Perhaps the most significant part of these prints are the layers. The various layers of ink and paper in each print overlap and respond to each other; ultimately forming a combination of individual entities that generate a completed whole. This completed whole is effectively a visual representation of my own formative experiences as influenced by the  unique aesthetics of the west. 


print of animal with warm colors
Red print of animal
Print of animal with muted warm colors
On The Range Suite- Warm

Print of animal with muted cool colors
Print of animal with muted gray coloring
Print with blue animal and light background
On The Range Suite- Cool
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