Leslie Podjun

Artist Statement

For me, there is no stronger way to convey a feeling from one human to another than the nude form. The nude is like a universal language we all have an ability to understand. Positioning and angles give us the information needed to know what is trying to be communicated. Nature in the form of foliage also links to emotion. When people are trying to explain how they feel they often use nature as an example. A raincloud over your head when you are sad. You are a ray of sunshine when you are happy. Being stubborn is like a dandelion growing in a crack on the sidewalk. Though my imagery may appear at first glance whimsical and decorative I hope to address some deeper emotions that go past just a beautiful picture. As I get older, I have begun to realize that there are an infinite number of emotions to be had. More often than not, they occur at the same time. These complicated intersections of emotions are what I hope to explore and share.



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