Drew Yerkovich

Artist Statement

The work comprising Inverted Semiotics is driven by the ever-expanding human infestation and infiltration of the natural world. While boundaries once existed and a sacred perspective on nature was respected, capitalism has driven the attitude of the everyday citizen and general consumer towards wasteful lifestyles. 

This work is a dialogue that questions the relationship between mundane symbols and objects in juxtaposition with natural elements. Through drawing, printmaking, sculpture and applications of street art, a highway road sign installation becomes a paradox. It is a sign of a sign that is fake but real simultaneously. The combination of the faux and real sign investigates how the viewer exists in a Postmodern-shaped society. 

This work asks questions regarding our individual and collective habits that have impacted and contributed to a global crisis. It challenges the toxic habits of humanity and how we choose to treat a global epidemic through the lens of economic priority. 


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