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We are excited that you are considering our program. We know that you will receive the best Family Medicine residency education if you choose to attend the University of Wyoming Family Medicine Residency Program at Cheyenne (UWFM-Cheyenne). Our program follows the tradition that makes Cheyenne such a unique community. Cheyenne is the home of the "Daddy of ‘em all," the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. We have adopted a similar slogan regarding our training of Family Medicine resident physicians. We believe we are working with you to become the "Best All-Around". This is similar to the cowboy, who at the end of the rodeo competition gets this prize for being the best overall roper, rider and the other events they must compete in to qualify. This is the cowboy who can do it all better than any other cowboy. It is our goal at UWFM-Cheyenne to help each resident become the "Best All-Around" physician. Obviously we will not be teaching you to ride bulls during your rotations, but what it does mean is that after three years at our program you will have the opportunity to become the Best-All-Around family physician.

Part of our mission is to place physicians in Wyoming to care for Wyoming citizens. Wyoming has less than 600,000 people in the entire state, and the largest communities' populations are around 60,000 people. Most communities are much smaller, thus each community values its doctors as leaders and feel that each doctor in these communities are special, not just a face in the crowd, but also extremely important in the role of health provider and someone who can make a huge difference for an entire town. In order to achieve this, a graduate will need to have a very large and well-rounded set of skills. These skills will need to include OB, Pediatrics, In-patient and Out-patient Medicine, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Business, Leadership and Procedures to name just a few. At UWFM-Cheyenne you will receive one of the best hands on educations as well as develop the skills necessary to learn and critically think for the future; so that you can go to any community in this State and succeed. We tell many that you may be able to get more deliveries at program #1. You may be able to get more colonoscopy training at program #2. You may have more in-patient admissions at another program. However, no program in the country can provide you with the all around volume of all the skills necessary to practice in rural and frontier areas of the United States as provided at UWFM-Cheyenne. We have incredible support from our faculty and staff, community hospital, community doctors and University of Wyoming. All understand the importance of producing quality graduates that will be taking care of Wyoming citizens for years to come and they have taken the leadership role to ensure that this happens. These groups realize the importance of making you the "Best All-Around". We hope that each of you reading this want to be the type of physician who really makes a difference in a community and will give serious consideration to interviewing and making Cheyenne your choice for Family Medicine training.


Diverse Learning:
Our teaching faculty is composed of many disciplines besides Family Medicine physicians, including community physicians in most of the specialties, and other health care professionals. Residents enjoy a great deal of individual attention.
Unopposed Program:
Since we are the only program in Cheyenne, you do not have to compete with any other residents in any other specialty program. In fact residents are often on a first name basis with many of the Community Physicians.

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