Learner Outcomes in Educational Research

The goals of the educational research courses in the College of Education include developing the necessary skills, concepts, and understanding of research methodology to evaluate, use, and conduct research in a student's specific discipline. This goal requires the ability to do the following:Educational Research courses and minors at the University of Wyoming

  1. In a research study, critique the following the research problem and hypothesis; general design to insure that correct conclusions are possible from the statistical analysis; statistical analysis procedures to establish their valid use in the study; reliability and validity of instruments used to collect data; and conclusions and interpretations to insure appropriateness of each.

  1. Develop a problem appropriate for research. Examine a cross section of the current literature on the topic, placing the research problem within the context of the field.

  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the reference sources available in a research library; know how and when to use available resources.

  3. Compare and contrast research designs and methods and be able to identify examples, advantages, and disadvantages of each.

  4. Be able to use statistics to describe a sample and make inferences.

  5. Understand, design, and analyze results of various types of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method research studies.

  6. Understand the principles of measurement as they apply to specific studies.


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