Qualitative Research Methods MinorQualitative Research Methods Minor

Program Details

The purpose of the minor is to provide graduate students access to a sequence of qualitative methods courses to enhance their understanding of research methods. This concentration of courses also provides our graduates a documented way to demonstrate to potential employers that they have academic preparation in qualitative research methods.

This minor requires 16 credit hours of qualitative research method courses and an internship experience in which students co-teach a methods course with a faculty member. Learn more about our program outcomes.

Required courses

  1. EDRE 5640 - Introduction to Qualitative Research (3 credits)
  2. EDRE 5645 - Phenomenology, Case Study, and Grounded Theory in Qualitative Research (3 credits) OR EDRE 5645 - Advanced Qualitative Research (3 credits)
  3. EDRE 5655 - Ethnography and Narrative Inquiry in Qualitative Research (3 credits)
  4. EDRE 5870 - Special Topics in Qualitative Research (3 credits)
  5. EDRE 5670 - Mixed Methods Research (3 credits)**
  6. EDRE 5580 - Supervised Internship (1 credit)

**The prerequisite for this course is EDRE 5600 and EDRE 5640. Students will be required to take EDRE 5600 prior to enrolling in this course.


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