Computer Science

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Finance and Support

Financial assistance is available in many forms. The Department of Computer Science offers several graduate assistantships (GAs), which involve teaching undergraduate courses in computer science as well as other teaching-related activities such as teaching assistant, laboratory assistant, or grader.

Additional GA positions are available to computer science graduate students through cooperative programs with other divisions of the University, including the mathematics and engineering departments, Registration and Records, and the University Libraries. The normal stipend for a GA includes a waiver of tuition and fees.

Another source of financial aid comes through research assistantships. The positions are funded by research grants awarded to and administered by computer science faculty. The amount of these assistantships varies, but typically they are funded at a level equal to, and sometimes higher than, that of a Department GA and include a waiver of tuition and fees.

Additional money can be earned through hourly employment as a laboratory assistant or as a grader, although such positions do not carry a tuition waiver.

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