Genre Concentrations

The MFA program offers two areas of concentration: fiction and nonfiction. We will now focus on opportunities for innovative approaches to what is an all-but-unique MFA program concentrating on Narrative Prose.  Most of our students identify at the point of application a primary genre in which they will concentrate during their time in the program. A concentration consists of three workshops, typically 12 semester hours, in the chosen genre, and a thesis in the chosen genre.  We also strongly encourage our students to engage in cross-genre exploration by taking at least one workshop outside their concentration. Students who wish to work in multiple genres or in hybrid genres should work with the MFA director to select the most productive workshop schedule for their particular creative goals.  Students working in multiple genres should form their thesis committee with the goal that expertise in each genre is represented by the committee’s membership.

Changing Genres

Students may write a thesis in a genre different from the primary genre they initially declared, but first must consult with both the MFA director and faculty in the new genre in order to do so.  The student should first inform the MFA director of the desired change and identify a faculty member in the new genre who they would wish to have as thesis chair.  Next, the student must present a substantial example of work in the new genre to the MFA director and the desired thesis chair for their approval.  Approval means that the work is of a quality that would pass a typical thesis defense in the new genre.  Please note: the student may be asked to take 1 or more workshops in the new genre if the genre faculty and MFA director deem it appropriate.

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