2022 Corkery First Recipients

The Fall Bridge Program is excited to honor its 2022 Corkery First-Year Excellence Scholarship Winners.  Each year, the Fall Bridge Program awards sophomore scholarships to several students who demonstrate commitment and excellence in their college academics.

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 student in blue shirt

Adrian Graham

Cheyenne, WY


Major: Secondary Education

Goal: to become a teacher who is able to adequately provide for a minority child's education and doesn't make them feel ostracized for being raised in a different environment

student in dark dress 

Autumn Hime

Laramie, WY

Major:  Exploratory Studies

Goal: to either stay in Laramie or to move somewhere else and begin working in a hospital or small doctor's office

student in black shirt 

Daniel Wozney

Upton, WY

Major: Communication

Goal: to create my own stories in the film industry and have an impact on the people around me

student in red sweater

Emily Lucero

Cheyenne, WY

Major: Undeclared

Goal: to find something I am passionate about and something I thoroughly enjoy

student in light blue button up shirt

Ethan Hope

Cody, WY

Major: Political Science

Goal: to pursue a life full of adventure, politics, and putting one hundred percent in everything I do

student with ewe

Jane Goldy

Centennial, CO

Major: Ag Education

Goal: to show many others what really goes into the food we consume, and the sacrifices it takes to do what we do

student with black dog

Kaylyn Rollefson

Cheyenne, WY

Major: Sociology

Goal: to continue my education into graduate school and further into social science jobs

student wearing glasses

Richard Resler-Mutter

Cheyenne, WY

Major: Undeclared - Business

Goals: to start a 100% renewable crypto mining operation or create a blockchain solution to solve a modern world problem

student with llama

Skyler Woodruff

Lander, WY

Major: pre-nursing

Goal: to work as a nurse

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