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Corporate Engagement

Resources for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Like you, industry is committed to changing lives and making an impact. The corporate engagement team is here to offer resources, expertise, and connections to help build mutually beneficial relationships with industry. Working across the University of Wyoming to build a culture of working with industry, we are here to help advance industry relationships with campus. Whether you are looking for a sponsor for an upcoming conference or to partner with industry on an upcoming project, we are here to support! Still looking for guidance? Contact us today and we will help!

Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit

Unlock financial support for your program through offering sponsorship opportunities. Corporate sponsorships are an attractive opportunity for companies to build brand exposure on campus while supporting their favorite programs. Whether you’re hosting a conference on campus or wanting to offer an annual corporate partners program as a way for industry to engage with your program, there are important considerations when building out these opportunities.

Explore our toolkit that highlights these considerations and makes creating these opportunities as easy as possible for our campus partners. The UW Foundation is here to support you. Read through the toolkit and then submit your sponsorship opportunity for review today through our convenient online form. The UW Foundation is here to support you.

Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit Corporate Sponsorship Form


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Angela Ver Ploeg

Angela Ver Ploeg

Director of Corporate Engagement
Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center
307-766-1939 |



Katrina McGee

Katrina McGee

Director, Foundation Relations and Research Collaborations
Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center
307-766-4266 | 

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