Program Goals


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The world is changing rapidly and working to find solutions to global challenges requires the ability to think beyond the scope of single a discipline. At UW the Geography Program takes an interdisciplinary approach to education where students can coalesce their passion into a body of knowledge. We want students to become critical thinkers in how human-environment relations are formed and how we can best manage those relationships for the betterment of society and the health of the planet.



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Our program focusses on competencies across bodies of thought, from the physical science (geology, biogeography, climatology), the cultural and social sciences (politics, planning, agriculture, economics), and technological (mapping, GIST). By focusing on the interactions between physical and social systems, students can discover interrelationships between disciplines and apply those connections to solve the grand challenge issues of the present and the future.



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Our goal is to facilitate student learning with a broad understanding of problem solving through numerous perspective, both foundational and applied. Students will be ready to become decision makers in the state, across the region and world. We want our graduates to succeed through innovative thinking, creativity, and understanding that solutions come through relationships between earth systems.


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