Undergraduate F.A.Q.s

Question: What kind of jobs will I be able to get with a bachelor's degree in geology?
Geologists are employed in the oil and mining industries, government agencies and with geological and environmental consulting firms.

Question: I have another year of high school. What classes do you suggest that I take in order to prepare for a major in geology?
Any classes in math, sciences and English will help prepare you for an undergraduate geology major.
Question: What is the weather like in Laramie?
At 7200' above sea level, Laramie is semi-arid and smogless. Summer and early fall can be quite warm with cool nights. Winters are sunny, marked by long cold periods and punctuated by mild stretches. While we do get snow, it generally accumulates only in the nearby mountains. As with many other areas in the Rocky Mountain region, the high plains are home to strong winds that can occur during any season.
Question: If I transfer to UW, will all my courses count?
All transfer work has to be evaluated on an individual basis. The Registrar's office has the final word on transferring courses, but if you want an unofficial analysis on geology courses, consult our academic coordinator. If at all possible, keep a course description and syllabus from each course you would like to transfer.
Question: Does the department offer any financial aid to undergraduates?
Occasionally, the department has aid available for undergraduate students. To learn about possibilities consult the bulletin boards in the department, our web site and visit with the office staff periodically.
Question: Do geology courses offer many field trips?
Answer: Field work is an important part of nearly all geologic projects. Whenever possible, our classes incorporate field trips. These vary in nature from a short afternoon in local areas to week-long trips to interesting geologic sites in Wyoming and the West.
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