Undergraduate Courses to Fall 2023

BS and BA degree requirements        University General Bulletin course list


Course number
Course Name (syllabus link, if available)
Fall 2023
1100-80 Physical Geology x
1100-81 Physical Geology for Engineers x
2000 Geochemical cycles & earth system x
2010 Mineralogy  
2020 Introduction to Petrology x
2080 General Field Geology  
2100 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation x
2120 Quantitative Geoscience Methods x
2220 Communicating Earth Science x
3005 Principles of Geophysics  
3250 Geosciences and Computers  
4030 Groundwater Flow-Solute Transport Modeling  
4050 Geology of Wyoming  
4060 Rocky Mt. Field Trip  
4120 Mathematical Methods for Geosciences  
4191 Methods for Petroleum Geology x
4200 Biogeochemistry  
4200 Basin and Range Seminar  
4210-01 Machine Learning Scientists & Engineers x
4210-02 Intro to Wind Energy  
4320 Cenozoic Stratigraphy  
4420 Sedimentary Rocks  
4440 HPC for Scientists and Engineers x
4444 GeoHydrology  
4490 Geochemistry x
4525 Environmental Data Analysis  
4610 Structural Geology and Tectonics  
4717 Summer field geology  
4720 Ore Deposits  
4820 Capstone  
4835 Applied Geophysics x
4850 Digital Filtering  
4880 Earth Surface Processes  
4888 Glaciology x
  Graduate Level Courses  
5030 Groundwater Flow-Solute Transport Modeling  
5120 Tectonic Evolution of the Cordillera  
5200 Basin and Range Seminar  
5200 Imperial Barrel Award  
5212 Sed Seminar x
5215 Inverse Theory  
5216 Global Seismology  
5330 Mechanics of Sediment Transport  
5410 Geochemical Analysis Methods  
5446 Intro to Geostatistics x
5450 Geochemical Modeling x
5470 Introduction to Geomodeling x
5525 Environmental Data Analysis  
5835 Applied Geophysics x
4666/5666 Plate Tectonics x

Please contact the instructor directly for the latest syllabus if they are not available in the above list. Some syllabi may be older examples and not necessarily reflect current course policies.

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